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    Plugin category: Miscellaneous
    Minecraft version: 1.8 & 1.12
    Suggested name: PluginLocalWebSkin

    What I want:
    A plugin that looks for nick and applies the skin file corresponding to the nick, let's say that:
    "EnginePHP" is
    so the plugin will post in that php and the php will return a skin file from mysql (the screenshot is an example) and the plugin applies to the player, then save or update the file created with the nick of the player

    this plugin will be very useful since it does not use mojang engine

    Suggested configuration:
    Method: GET (POST or GET)
    Index: tag (this will use $_POST['tag']; or $_GET['tag']; in php engine)

    Ideas for commands:
    /skinw <nick> [player]
    /skinw reload

    Ideas for permissions: - for the command /skinw <nick>
    [​IMG] Example: the player will type /skin p4ndoro and the plugin will request from php - for the command /skinw <nick> [player]
    [​IMG] Example: the player will type /skinw godshxro Player165458 and the plugin will request the php and update the player "Player165458", not the player that used the command
    skinw.player.reload - for the command /skiw reload
    [​IMG] This command reload the plugin
    When I'd like it by: asap


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