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    Category: Fun, Admin
    Name: CustomPaintings

    What I want: Type command /paint add <url> and it adds the picture to the painting adjusting it to the size of the painting automatically

    Commands: /paint add <url>

    Perms: paint.add

    When I would like it ASAP
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

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    timtower Those are for images on maps not for placeable paintings. I want to be able to place a painting then put the image on the painting
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    It isn't possible with bukkit because paintings are only client's side. You can use a custom texture pack
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    It is possible I saw it on some server using painting to load big custom pictures without any mod or texture pack.
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    Paintings or maps?
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    just take the map and put it in an itemframe,looks same.
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    Well. As far as I know. The Bukkit server can't edit in the client's files.
    So this is not possible as a plugin. But you can make a texturepack, and put the link in the!
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    Tahged for the sake of telling you that your signature has a bug.

    Why would you be angry if there were 1 or less bugs? Don't you mean 1 or more?
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    This is (probably) possible, but it has it's limitations. I don't remember if you could change the servers resource pack on the go, but it would at least be possible to have custom paintings server-wide without changes while the server is running. I remember seeing plugins which applied certain resource-packs for certain areas, and if that is still possible we could use it to add a new painting to a new resource pack, and have it in all the sizes. Just my little thought on this subject ;)
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    It's possible, I've seen plugins do it. Basically, when a custom painting is placed, it overrides the place and places multiple maps in item frames.
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    Yes, I have looked on this server again and it seems like there are multiple item frames you have seen some plugin that can make this ? I know how to put a picture into map its quite easy but is there any way how to make this ? One bug picture divide in for example 4x3 item frames ?
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    The more challenging a bug is to find and fix, the more euphoria you get when you find the solution to it. I like debugging more than I do writing or designing code.
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    yes try whit pictureclip to separate the immages than usin imgmap or similar create a map whit the new files than put all maps on the item frames

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