Custom join/leave message, but also broadcast the coords and dimension of players who logged out

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by kirbsrob, Nov 29, 2022.

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    Join-message: " §8%playername% joined. "
    Leave-message: " §8%playername% left. %dimensionid% %xcoord% %ycoord% %zcoord% "

    Round coordinates to the nearest tenth place (ex. 99.995 is 99.9 and 10.007 is 10.0). As for dimension IDs, -1 is nether, 0 is overworld, and 1 is end. Display the dimension ID number and not the dimension name to take up less chat space.

    EDIT: I would like the plugin made for version 1.19.x/1.19.2. Considering how simple the plugin would be, I hope it could still work for future versions.
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    Wouldn’t any plugin work that supports Placeholder API?
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    here u go lmk if theres any problems

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