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    Hi Guys.
    I need a custom plugin to be made for my server.
    I want this plugin to be private and for my use only.

    In this plugin i would like it to include :

    Gem scoreboard that can be hidden.
    Gem multipliers that can be added to someones account with a command. I would also like people to be able to donate to get multipliers.
    I would also like it so people earn Gems for killing other players.
    And for players to be able to spend their gems ingame.

    If you need to know anything else please feel free to ask.
    I need this plugin asap so thanks for your time,
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    This sounds basically like any item-based economy plugin ever. Did you search Bukkitdev?

    Bear in mind that any feature that allows players to donate to modify how any non-cosmetic aspect of the server works is a clear violation of Mojang's EULA - thus, you shouldn't expect any plugin developers to attempt to provide a plugin that does this.
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    the gem multiplier for donators is against Mojang's EULA.
    Can't help you man sorry...

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