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    Plugin category: General

    Suggested name: Permission Crates

    What I want: Crates that drop from monsters with a configurable percent chance. These crates would be chests, that when clicked, would replace the chest with custom items using RPGitems or other compatible plugins that support attributes. Named items to be more specific. The crates would have tiers, tier 1, tier 2, etc. Each tier would drop for any player, but to open them would be permission based. The contents of the crate would give 1 of a list of configurable items.

    Ideas for commands:
    /crate give <playername> <crate teir>

    Ideas for permissions:

    Configuration example:
    Name of crate:

    Description of crate:
    &4Crate of awesomeness

    Contents: (a random item or few items from this list would drop)
    Sword of Fire| sharpness 1, fireaspect 2
    Helm of Breathing | aqua affinity 1
    Some other item | enchantment

    Drop how many items:

    Chance to drop: (In Percentage)

    Teir Number:
    1 (Used for permissions such as

    List of mobs to drop from: (not needed, but would be cool)

    When I'd like it by: before Christmas? :/
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    I overlooked that one! What I'm looking for is much like greencrate too, but that is broken and dupes things.

    My issue with christmasevent just by reading it is, permissions based crates are on a todo list :( I'll hit up the developer, thanks for finding this.
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    Why not use the piston extension as crate? it'll look better.
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    I Will make one if you want :D i will tell you when done please add me on skype if you have any questions
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

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    Omg Thanks i fee Stupid now -.-

    Skype : GladiatorGalaxy
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  9. I should have probably told this yesterday, but I also started working on this, and am pretty much done, I just need your opinion on how I should determine which tier crate to drop.

    Right now I'm just rolling a random number between 1 and the amount of tiers you've added to the config file, then rolling a random float and checking if that is less or equal to the chance of the crate dropping.

    I was also thinking of doing it so it would first try to drop the lowest tier crate, if that doesn't succeed, it continues to the next tier, and so on. The crate never has to drop, it's just a matter of luck.

    Edit: Also, this is the config looks like.
          # permission required to open the tier 1 crate
          permission: supplycrates.tier.1
          # what mob can drop it. 'any' is self explanatory.
          mob: any
          # chance of it dropping, 0.10 would be 10% chance.
          chance: 0.10
          # the chest contents, with the current setting, it would contain 1 cake.
          - CAKE:1
          permission: supplycrates.tier.2
          - CREEPER
          - ZOMBIE
          - SKELETON
          # 5% chance of dropping
          chance: 0.05
          - STONE_SWORD:1
          - STONE_PICKAXE:1
          # 1-10 is a random amount between 1 and 10
          - PORK:1-10
          permission: supplycrates.tier.3
          - GIANT
          # 1% chance of dropping
          chance: 0.01
          # chest would contain 1 diamond sword with sharpness 3
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    Im not sure how to explain it, mostly because I dont fully understand how a percentage chance to drop would work on a global scale, needless to say, a monster should only drop one crate, so "per crate" percent chances would be ideal, but considering my previous statement, perhaps not. I would imagine 2 crates with 100% chances to drop would drop both, that would be bad.

    edit: Would this support picking 1 random item from a list of items to drop? :D
  11. If you're talking to me, then no. I had that feature, but decided to remove it. I can add it back if you want.

    Edit: I added a config option for it, so it chooses random loot from the content list.
    Edit 2: I worked on it a bit more, and it's working now. Only thing I have to do is fix the random amount system in the chest contents. I'll fix this when I can, just remember to tag me because I forget things easily.
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    Hey I Will Do It For You :D :D :D if you need to check up or anything here is my skype

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    Is this released yet Assist

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