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    Since August of 2011 Curse has been integral with helping our project and community out with hosting and resources. We chose Curse to help us in providing a much needed service, BukkitDev, primarily because they have a proven track-record with their success in hosting WoW add-ons. It is thanks to them that we can offer a complete project management suite for all manner of plugins, mods, worlds, and texture packs, entirely for free.

    Along with providing free hosting for the WoW add-on community, Curse has developed a cool "rewards" program that provides developers of popular plugins with the opportunity of earning rewards for their hard work with some add-ons being popular enough for the developers to earn a living off of them. To date, Curse has given back more than 1 million dollars of ad revenue and Curse Premium income to WoW authors. Luckily for the Minecraft community, Curse's commitment to the BukkitDev service means that they've been working towards expanding their Curse Rewards program to support the Minecraft community too, along with all the other games they've been supporting.

    Signing up for the Curse Rewards program is quick and easy! Just follow these steps:
    • Sign in on BukkitDev.
    • Click on your username in the upper-right corner.
    • Click the link “Sign up now” under “Rewards points”
      • If you don’t see this link, you’re already signed up!
    • Check the option to “Enter the rewards program”.
    • Click “Update”.
    • Done!
    To make way for the Curse Rewards program, we'll be shifting downloads from BukkitDev over to This change is necessary to make the Curse Rewards program and its tracking manageable and consistent to ensure we are able to reward everyone that deserves it, as well as make it easier to protect and detect against statistic padding. is also the more user-orientated part of the BukkitDev service geared towards the needs of server admins, providing favourites and ratings for each project.

    Once you've signed up for the Curse Rewards program, your project begins accumulating reward points after it has had at least 1,000 downloads. As an extra bonus, you're rewarded with a free month of Curse Premium for every 1,000 downloads too. Once you’ve accumulated enough points, there are various rewards you can redeem them for from the BukkitDev Store. See this article and the Curse Rewards Program FAQ for more information.

    With this change to how BukkitDev operates, we'll be in the awesome position to reward developers for all their hard work creating and supporting their popular projects. We're really excited for what the future has in store with the addition of Curse Rewards support for BukkitDev and think you'll be happy with what results from these changes.
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    Thanks for the information!
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