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    Plugin name: Cloud jump

    About me: hi I'm the owner of the MyCraft network we currently own 3 servers and looking to expand.

    About the plugin: I'd would kindly like it if a dev made a plugin that was a simple cross server teleportaion plugin ( I know its not simple) with NO spout or client modification!

    Before you say this is impossible!

    It is possible it is used on many server such a legendarycraft and level up Minecraft ( just to name a couple)

    I am to understand that with a combination of transporter plugin and craftproxy plugin that all this is possible, tho I am also told that craftproxy is old and won't work well, it is also very complicated to set all this up. And craftproxy can be dangerous with hackers.

    So what I am asking for is a kind of drag and drop plugin that allows for cross server teleportaion wheather it be with a portal or command.

    Ideas for commands:

    -I don't know what commands for setting the portals up

    Player commands:

    /servers ( shows a list of interconnected servers)
    /<specific server name tp) e.g. / pvp ( takes you to pvp serve)
    /online ( shows which servers are online or offline)

    Portal types:

    I'd like the portals to be very versatile so you could use nether portals or water or a jump pad on half slabs

    Extra ideas
    - server offline notifications
    - cross server chat (optional config)
    - cross server inventory ( optional config)
    - ability to cross to tekkit servers ( not sure if that would work tho)

    When is like it by:

    Well I know its difficult so no pressure but this plugin is really popular and needed!
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    I think there's already a plugin which does this... You searched around the forum based plugin list and Bukkit Dev, right?
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    Yeah I have a fair bit actually, all plugins that come close to this are outdated
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    Excellent, pleased to hear you searched. :)
    So many people don't bother searching before posting a request. :/
    How outdated are the plugins? anything which was last updated from late March onwards should work, and anything updated between the start of the year and March has a chance of still working.
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    The best plugin I can think of that does this is ServerPort
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    There's actually a cheat code for this. It goes like:

    UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, codename_B
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    Oh hey.
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    Huh. The code works... lol...
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    You're going to have to wait until LegendaryCraft releases their version of this plugin.

    In the meantime, you can read this.
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    That could be a while and legendary craft are very protective so I'd think there will be very limited.

    Does craft proxy work for 1.2.5?
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    You're right, they are quite protective. I'm not a huge fan of LC, just because of their previous history... I found a huge off-topic hate thread on them, too. Anyways, back to the matter at hand. LegendaryCraft said this:

    We are currently making our own 'cloud' proxy system that will be reliable and will have compability with the hooks in the official mod API. We will publicly release this to bukkit and make it open source once it is finished.

    And, although I don't quite trust them, I try to have faith they will stick to their word. I think that they will come through and release a public plugin.

    About craftproxy, if that question is directed to me, I have no clue whatsoever, so you'd better direct it to someone else. :p
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    I have spoken to Felipe (owner of LC) on twitter and he has said that he wants to make it public, tho the deveoper does not, so let's hope for the best ( also they plan on haveing the new proxy system done in a few days!
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    If you actually did speak to Felipe and this information is true, then wow! If you didn't speak to him and want to troll, then wow. -_-

    But, assuming this is true, I highly doubt the developer will win. And that's kind of odd - The developer NOT wanting to make it public. I guess that he doesn't want his work "stolen". Anyways, I'm sure Felipe will win out. Either that, or he'll get a new developer.
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    Getting a new dev, fair enough, but he couldn't release the source code of a plugin privately made for LC (unless he bought total rights to all code) without the devs consent.
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    This is Felipe... Wouldn't he have already bought full rights?

    In a way, this would look really bad on LegendaryCraft if they didn't follow through. They already stated that they would release it, public and open-source. Although I can see them not following through... Hopefully they do. Since Mr. Lethaltactics won't let you release it, I was hoping that Felipe would be mah savior. :) :p
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    This will be a good plugin but that server dosent soud so trust like I wouldent trust them I have my own server and I dont relace my plugins tho that is strange how the owner wants to relece it and the develeper wont. Only reason I can think is the develper wants it to be private idk lol
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    Well, it's going to be released open-source, so I can see how some developers wouldn't like that. Although it's rare to have the owner willing to release and the developer not, I don't think that makes this situation untrustworthy.

    I think the most untrustworthy part of it is going to be the fact that it's created by LegendaryCraft (sorry, LC) for me. I just don't love them that much. -_-

    But hey, it's open source. We can always inspect and compile the code ourselves, to make sure there aren't any hidden surprises in the .jar.
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    Im not sure they will release it..
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    Felipe posted that they would:

    We are currently making our own 'cloud' proxy system that will be reliable and will have compability with the hooks in the official mod API. We will publicly release this to bukkit and make it open source once it is finished.

    And, although this doesn't guarantee anything, I would hope that they follow through. -_-

    Just to see where the project is at, I sent mailed Felipe, asking him if the project is still on track and what the estimated date of release would be. Let's see if I get a response back...
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    I ask Felipe on LC twitter and they said it should br ready in about 2-3 days
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    Wow, that's quick! I also mailed him, and I'm not expecting a response back since apparently he doesn't check his mail/wall that much.

    Anyways, I am quite curious to see how this entire situations turns out. /me keeps watching...
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    Yes I have herd of the server but I never went on it before but I do think it is also odd that that owner will wanna relece it but the dev wont. It is the oppsite mostly.
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    Devs. Felipe told me that two developers are working on the public version of the plugin, and two more are working on a more LegendaryCraft-specific plugin.
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    Hmm that is odd unless it links or updats for somthing idk what they are up to lol :p but why make two
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    Because LegendaryCraft probably wants some extra features that are tailored to only their server. Maybe these features are more stable (let us test the bugs), less stable (have themselves test new ideas), whatever. It probably is more feature-rich and again, more LegendaryCraft-specific.
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    Ya I guess well idk I guess we are the testers and they fix it for theres well atleast they are putting it to the public most servers owners and dev's dont do that.
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    Correct you are. I'm even more surprised their releasing it open-source.

    (And a note to everyone: Sorry for the constant bumps, but they're on-topic :3 And this forum isn't very active right now.. at all.)
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    Ya what also can be happing is that they will use that plugin to get people on there server's like they have there advertising on the plugins site so when people read it will show there ip and they will join and see how it is.
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