Creating a TeamBase Plugin, Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by mindless728, Feb 2, 2011.

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    I am creating a plugin that is the basics of keeping track of teams, this would be for developers to use to make keeping track of teams easier. Mind you this plugin is almost done, but would love some other developers to chime in on what they think could be added, though this plugin is supposed to be as lightweight as possible.

    This plugin would add:
    4 events: TeamCreatedEvent, TeamRemovedEvent, TeamAddPlayerEven, TeamRemovePlayerEvent
    1 listener: TeamBaseListener

    This plugin would also save/restore the teams from a file so that code would also be done already for developers looking to make a team based plugin

    Anyone have any thoughts/questions?

    PS any of you wondering why i did this, its because we should be trying to break plugins down into the smallest form and the system inscribed here would allow multiple plugins deal with the same set of teams via event calls
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    Anyone with response should go here instead TeamBase

    as there is a finished version, sorry mods (delete if you want)
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