Create a prize for an obstacle course?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by NorthAntrim, Oct 9, 2011.

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    So what I've done in my server is create a jumping challenge. At the end of the jumping challenge, you fall down a hole (Your fall is stopped by water). There is a little room there. I want people who get to that room to get a prize (Something like a few diamonds) but I want it so that:

    1. The person can do the obstacle course again and again
    2. Every winner gets the same amount

    Can anyone recommend anything? Thanks..

    Anyone? :-(

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    ButtonWarp is perfect for this, but since there's no "item" reward in ButtonWarp, idk how far it would go.
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    Warp them to an adminium cube with a chest filled with diamonds inside.
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    Yes, Yes, that's what I also thought of, but then the first player will be able to take all of the diamonds.
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    Isn't that the point of an obstacle course? Winner takes all :p
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    Well the OP says, that every winner must get the same amount.
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    Hmmm.. ButtonWarp sounds good. I'll try it out, and if it doesn't work with items, I'll either create a bedrock room with diamonds, or give the player the money he/she needs to purchase diamonds.
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    Allow me to shamelessly plug my ScrollingMenuSign plugin for this: it allows menus to be created allowing commands to be run by players who click the signs displaying the menus. As an example, you can do this:

    /sms create rewards &4Reward!
    /sms add rewards "4 Diamonds" "$264,-4" "You get 4 diamonds!"
    (&4 in the title there makes the menu title appear red).

    Then put a sign in the room, look at the sign, and type

    /sms sync rewards
    Now whenever a player clicks that sign, they get 4 diamonds (item ID 264, and the quantity of -4 gives them to the player - a positive quantity would try to take 4 diamonds).

    You can also limit the number of times a player can click the menu, if you want, e.g.

    /sms uses rewards 5
    Then a player could only use that menu 5 times at most.

    You can do a lot more with SMS - the docs are at
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    Well, you know something? I've already got that installed! I've always had that on my server :p I love it! I didn't realize it could do that :eek:

    Thank You
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    Although it occurred to me that you'd also need to somehow warp the player out when they click the sign. So the menu command would be like:

    /sms add "4 diamonds" "$264,-4 /warp ..." "congrats etc"
    Where /warp ... ports the player out of the room.
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    BRILLIANT! Now players can do the challenge over and over again! :) Thanks :D
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