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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by krlsmnk, Jul 10, 2017.

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    I'm really looking for a way to make survival have a bit more depth. Besides saturation values, different foods don't compare to one another very well, and having a diverse repertoire of stored foods doesn't really do much for you. There are a-dime-a-dozen plugins that add more foods to the existing pallet, but they typically fail to break the hierarchical comparison of "Food X > Food Y", or do anything but add different colored pixels for player preference.

    Plugin category:

    Minecraft version: 1.12+

    Suggested name: Cravings

    What I want: When the Day/Night cycles refreshes, a new food item is selected randomly from the list of all possible food items. The new "food of the day" could be whispered to players, announced in chat, or displayed in an Item Frame.

    During the time period while the Craved Food Item is active, eating food items that are NOT the craved item will reward less hunger/saturation than normal.

    Edit: Clarification:
    The above is the only thing I <need> the plugin to do. Everything below is thoughts/ideas of ways to expand this idea for more fun; they're optional extras.

    Alternatively, (or in addition), the Craved Food Item will reward more hunger/saturation than normal and/or provide a temporary buff to the player (speed, resistance, ect). Rewards <could> be unique to each food item, but that isn't a high priority.

    Ideas for commands: /craving: announces the currently-craved item to the player issuing the command

    Ideas for permissions:
    *player.nocravings. Set it to true to prevent the plugin from affecting them / their food.
    *Different groups of players suffer less/ benefit more from eating or avoiding cravings (Donators get less bane / more boon)

    Ideas for config file options for users:
    *Adjust the time frame that craving foods last before changing
    *<New>: Remove the timer for Craving food changes and instead have it change after "X" number of the craved food has been eaten. (ex: cravingTimer = false; cravingConsumptionLimit = 5)
    *Adjust/remove the buff for eating the Craved Food (ex: cravingBuff = false, cravingBuff = speed[level][duration])
    *Adjust/remove the detriment for avoiding the Craved Food (ex: non-craving hunger multiplier: 0.5)
    *Exclude certain food items from the cravings list completely
    *Exclude certain food items from each player's craving list until a certain amount of time has been played (ex: no Golden Carrots before that player has played X hours)
    *Adjust how many Craving foods can be active at once (default 1)

    When I'd like it by: End of the month? No hard deadline, but I'm really stemming on Minecraft lately. I'm fairly well-versed in Java, so I know the task isn't trivial but is by no means monumental.
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    Is this too complex to be filled? I wanted it to be interesting and fairly original.
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    I'll try it. I'm looking for a coding challenge right now. Thanks for the great idea btw! I will ask questions here if I have any about design choices towards the plugin. I will let you know when I have a good grip on the idea of the plugin. I will start sketching now.
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