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  1. Plugin category: Loot Crates

    Minecraft version: 1.8

    Suggested name: EmeraldCrates

    What I want:
    Hey! I'm looking for a plugin like all of those lootcrate with keys plugins out there but a little bit differend.
    Instead of people opening them with keys I want people to be able to open them with Emeralds (if possible configurable in config how much emeralds)

    When someone uses a crate, and it shuffles through all prizes, they get shown above the crate (like when you drop an item on the floor) but you obviously can't pick them up.
    When the items stop shuffling after 3 seconds, it stops on the item shown above the crate. You hear a bell noise and that item gets put inside of your inventory.

    You need atleast 4 free slots your inventory to open a crate
    You need to hold the emeralds and rightclick to open the crate.
    (if not, you get a message: "You need to hold 2 emeralds to open a mystery box")
    and "You need atleast 4 open inventory slots to open a mystery box"

    Does a plugin like this already exist or not?

    Ideas for commands:
    /crate create (sets the block your looking at as a crate)
    /crate reload
    /crate rewards (show text with all rewards, configurable in config?)

    Ideas for permissions:
    crate.* (/crate create, /crate reload)
    Everyone can use the crates and do /crate rewards

    When I'd like it by:
    Whenever you have time
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    I can try to make this but it may take a while.. like.. a while..(A week or two.. If I make good time it could be more, but I have to worry about personal life too so it could take longer than expected, I will try to get it done as fast as I can.) because I have college classes to study for and stuff, but for just fun and free time I have I can try to make this. I will also, when completed, post it on Spigot for others if they need. I will then be posting any updates I make on Spigot. After I finish my college homework for this week I will start it, but then I will probably need time next week too so I will have to finish those assignments and when done I will continue work on the plugin. :)
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