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    Strange, that this plugin doesn't exist yet. This is what I'd like to be done:
    A player can craft things based on permissions. For example, 'cancraft.pickaxe.iron' permission allows the player to create iron pickaxes. With this I would be able to finally make the 20 different classes in my rp server matter. Smiths would be the only ones making tools and swords, innkeepers would cook, designers would make things like paintings, while basic things like torches would be craftable by anyone.
    This would be a great help to my RP server. You can read up a bit more about it if you're interested in my sig.
    The RealTools plugin allows to restrict the usage of items (which I'll be using) and I've asked for the feature to restrict crafting to be implemented in it, however the author has not responded for a week or so, thus I've made this plugin request.


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    Go to the corner just for suggesting such an impossible feature.
    This has REPEATEDLY been suggested with no possible way to do it.

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