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  1. This program will install the latest RB of CB to where you want. It will also add Chunkster, and the two batch files to run both via console. The Craftbukkit batch file also includes telling you what plugins are installed*, and what version the server is**
    *May not work on some plugins (ones that don't have a folder/config area.)
    **You will have to update that in the file!, Will only "auto-update" if you re-install with a newer version of the program.
    Features :)
    • Auto install latest CB RB
    • Auto install Chunkster
    • Install the recommended batch files
    • YOU Choose where to install
    • Error handling
    • Can CANCEL Install at any point
    What the heck is Chunkster!? :confused:
    Good you were wondering! It fixes invalid map pointers, which are the cause of some map corruptions (like if the server crashes, some of the chunks are pointed else where will mess up the map.) This niffty little jar fixes those problems.*
    *This won't fix all map problems, but it definitely helps!

    What if I select the wrong directory to install to? :oops:
    If that happens, just click the little [X] button on the upper right of the installing window. That will IMMEDIATELY cancel the install. From there just re-select your install directory and restart installing! If you select a directory that doesn't exist, the program will return a failed install. Just re-select your install directory, or create it, and restart installing.

    Requirements ;)

    .NET 4.0+

    Windows Computer

    XP with SP 2, Vista with SP 1, Or Windows 7.

    FAQ ;)
    • Is this a complete program?
    • Yes, and no. This is a BETA Version. ( The program however is complete stable from testing, and should not have any problems.
    • Will this be updated?
    • As long as I have time, I will update it to support the newest Chunkster. (It automatically grabs the newest RB build, so no worrying about that! :D )​
    • Will this ever feature plugin installing?
    • Yes, and no. I plan on letting you add plugins to be installed to your server via fresh installs, but I will not support installing them after you've installed your server. I'll make another program for that.​
    • Will this work on a mac?
    • No, it's for Windows only. You can try to emulate it with Wine or something though.​
    • Will you make a version for mac?
    • No, I don't have a mac, and I don't know the language used for mac programming.​
    • Where can I make suggestions?
    • On this page, please do not flood my PM box! :)
    • Is this open source?
    • Not right now! ;)
    • Can I help work on this program?
    • Maybe! Coding is a no, but graphics, and banners would be nice! :)
    • Is this safe to download?
    • Yes, Completely! Heck, he's a virustotal link. Click Me! :D
    Wait I have other questions! :D
    If you still have problems or questions, send me a PM!

    Download :p

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