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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Mason, Jan 15, 2011.

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    hMod had such an easy teleport system along with the give items system. With the "Snapshot" version everything is simply a recreation of the real minecraft beta server software.

    hMod made giving items simple, "/give 1 64" or "/give 1 64 (Player name)" In bukkit its confusing to give yourself items like the original server software, "/give (Player name) 1 64" Its not that much diffrent when you give other people items but for yourself it was much easier. Especialy when you have a name like tZa_SelenaGomez.

    The teleport system was also much better with simply typing in "/tp Ensidius" and being teleported to him. rather than "/tp tZa_SelenaGomez Ensidius". Also when you teleported someone to you it was "/tphere Ensidius" Instead of "/tp Ensidius tZa_SelenaGomez.

    So far it doesnt look good for Bukkit. Hopefully you guys can pull something out quick. It's rely hard to manage a server with no Cuboid.
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    You seem to be unaware. Both CraftBukkit and Bukkit are barely even developed. What you're using is a simple 'snapshot' or preview of what's to come. Right now, there's evidently barely anything implemented. These commands are from the VANILLA server. I'm almost completely sure that they're going to implement commands similar to those that were in hMod.
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    Once the plugin scene picks up you will see that Bukkit > hMod
    Also remember that bukkit is still undergoing rapid development
    I've already started running Bukkit on my server
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    Grab the general commands plugin, and give yourself and your ops permission to use things in the permissions file. (As far as I know there is no way to give it to all ops, just all users or individual ones, so you will need a list for each.)

    That gives you back most of the commands you are looking for. For homes use MyHome and for Warps use MyWarp. These both have the ability to import old homes and warps, though you will have to run a command to do it. This worked fairly well for me and there is not all that much difference for my users. There are other fun plugins too; you should look around. Also, if you happened to use TravelPortals, look for a release some time today or in the worst case tomorrow.
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