CraftBukkit for a really old version of Minecraft Beta 1.7.2!

Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by Dinnerbone, Jul 1, 2011.

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    Update - July 1, 2011 at 3:01PM EST:
    Minecraft 1.7.2 contains a dupe exploit that will ruin your economy or could create other issues. We strongly recommend waiting for a fix from either Mojang or ourselves before updating.


    We're pleased to announce our fastest update ever, and we've just made our 1.7.2 compatible build of CraftBukkit available to download as a recommended build here.

    For those who are interested, we had a 1.7 update ready for testing within 15 minutes of 1.7 being launched. That's compared to hours or even days we usually take! 1.7.1 was ready within 10 minutes, and 1.7.2 was ready in just under 10.

    We'd like to thank you all for helping us test these out, and rest assured we're trying everything we can to make these even faster for the future!
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    Can you guys make a new post or anything like Offline discussions? Ok I sound like a hypocrite now as I answered some replies that isn't related to "CraftBukket for MineCraft 1.7.2", but I think we all wait what happens or new news added to this forum.

    Cheers, Have fun! At Minecraft 1.7.x till 1.8 comes out.
    (begging won't motivate anyone, to deal with motivation is to deal with demotivation)
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    link hears me say they are bad you have any solution ...?
    heard and are ALL
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  4. wow that made no sense at all.

    For those average users and whatnot if you don't know where the "unstable" releases are don't be such impatient persons and wait for them to work on it. A release will come.
    I really hope they took a day to enjoy the sun though :)

    Keep it up and thanks for the 1.7.2 release ^^

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    People have no reason to believe a release is coming if you do not keep then informed. 10 days have gone by without anything new being placed on the front page. I fail to see where my points are confusing.

    Maybe if you stopped brown nosing like it was going to get you anywhere you would understand that a little status update goes a long way.

    And for the third time, I'm talking about the 90% of users that don't know where or how to dig for information.
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    Very much agreed. I think it is the lack of communication that is irritating, especially considering the last posts were boasts about efficiency.

    I know where to get the tweet'd update, I know how to find dev builds, but as a server owner with a whitelist of 200+ people, I can't /stop, install, find bugs, rollback, etc without losing people/receiving angry mail. I know you guys will say it is best to lose them... You try that as a broke college student who gets minimal funds from people donating towards electricity and bandwidth usage.
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    This exactly.
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    I realize most of you have large servers that require bukkit but seriously chill out. They don't get paid to do this (as far as I know) so please just be paitent. Now sure, the lack of communication can be annoying but be happy that they even update it at all, and that its free.
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    I think the only thing that needs to change here is a status update before Bukkit is updated, not after.
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    No, something being free does not excuse it from all criticism. Asking for better communication isn't an unreasonable request.
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    They mean hMod and the lack of any update communication is what drove people crazy with it too...
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    Finally some people with sense on this forum...

    I have been logging in and searching through about ten forums a day trying to find where a status update is posted. When I am unable to find anything for ten days I am permitted to be just a bit frustrated, no? I am not even sure if they are working or taking a day off in Hawaii. The point of this post is, UPDATE THE DARN STATUS MESSAGE ALREADY!!!
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    I like these two, and I dig for information but that does not excuse the fact that the obviously important facts are not updated in a status like fashion. I mean all it would take to shut most of us up and keep me almost ALL CAPS RAGEING in my head would be a simple front page that hooks into twitter or sms and some dev can just tweet "we are working on it" and I would sit down and relax a little bit more.

    But I did manage to find that somewhat hidden unstable/stable release posted by dinnerbone who knows what page that was on here now tho so don't ask me for it. I guess my point is that If I'm going away or what ever I leave a msg in the MOTD and my staff try harder.

    on top of this I have members of my staff and my server available on steam and I inform them of any change most of the time prior to them asking me sometimes I forget but I still think about them before pressing the stop button.

    We not asking they hurry it up, it would nice considering a supposed stable but not official release is floating around you would think if it was that stable the next business day it would become the new build but apart from that we just want know its being done leaving a 10 - 11 day old post stating its on 1.7.2 and no word on 1.7.3 is bad communication. I have seen the admins online on the front page many a time before posting this and Imo they have had long enough to give us feedback if they read what we are after but say nothing then that is just as bad as not doing it imo.

    *Cough bit like the inbuilt permissions I think that idea is long dead by now, Should have just picked up Permissions 2/3 and called it a day I have read canary forums for a little bit the only reason most ppl move to it is that it had inbuilt stuff for the basic user managment. That being said Bukkit all along has been about modular design so it would have been nice to at least announce what permissions plugin they support the most and let us take their advice.
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    You can subscribe to an RSS feed of Recommended Builds on the front page, and also to @CraftBukkit on Twitter to be notified of a new build. It's right on the front page. You can go to and get the latest dev build if you really must, but those can (and are) prone to crashing.

    Now, it would be nice if the team would say a few words, but do you really need to be informed that they know that Minecraft was updated? They KNOW Minecraft was updated. They're GOING to update Bukkit. It's not like the project has been abandoned. If they post beforehand that they're working on an update, everyone just complains that it's taking too long.

    The last update was done quickly but needed time to bug-test. Everyone seems to think you can just change the version number on Bukkit and it's ready to go; the reality is that they have to write new code to make Bukkit compatible with all the Minecraft changes, and that takes time.
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    Alright, I'm fed up with the memory leaks in the 1.7.2 RB, does anyone know if the leaks are better in dinnerbone's officially unofficial build? Are there any known issues or compatibility issues?

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    OR you could TEST the latest builds to see if they do work or not. I'm using #963 and have had no problems with it yet.
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    help my ....When the IDU, log in to my buddies Bukki server so it im da login in about 5 and then the secondary
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    im using 970 for the past few days and dont see any issues. its just a test setup right now to learn/config so its not up 24/7 under heavy loads but i am trying to break stuff the whole time so... =) i consider it a fairly valid testbed.
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    You can see here that they are still working on it:

    Down left to find the builds they are working on and in the middle page down you see that tests plus succesful or fails. I am using the "Twitter" version, but I have tiny errors once in awhile with this below. I just don't report it as the reconmended build is not done yet.

    "Caused by: Can not read response from server. Expected to read 4 bytes, read 0 bytes before connection was unexpectedly lost.
    at com.mysql.jdbc.MysqlIO.readFully(
    at com.mysql.jdbc.MysqlIO.reuseAndReadPacket(
    ... 24 more"

    Good luck Devs!
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    Its bloody stupid that notch is releasing the game source "maybe" in 1.8 but has not the balls to unobsufrcate it now, If I was him I would have had the code for all to see outright by now and lessons the strain on every modder out there. As he already has plans to release a source why bother obsfurcating it anymore why do that at all we already can undo it easily enough to mod it.

    This notch fellow sure does some dumb stuff.
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    as far as i know he won't release the source. he is going to provide an interface for modders. if he would release the source, nobody would need to buy the game, he wouldn't get money and couldn't proceed developing it. also i think it's just fair to pay somebody for such a nice work.
    and remember: it's a beta. first he has to finish the game before he can provide modding. it's just impossible the other way around =)
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    Another beta follower you don't really buy that bullcrap, it's far from beta in my eye anyway lets not start another alpha-beta debate.

    I know he is releasing the source he said so tho the source conditions of use are that anything made with it has to be free and only people who sign up for it will get it.

    Here is some snippets quoted from Notch's official blog.

    The full blog thread can be found Here!

    about the modding side of things I believe that the modding is the only reason minecraft is still alive and actually any fun anymore, Notch sure releases some screwy updates to a game that is supposedly beta and according to his in-game advertising "90% bug free"

    Not to mention the complaints recently about people buying the game and then not being allowed to download it. I'm amazed the business is still booming and has not been run into the ground but he would be hanging on only by the hairs on his chin at this point I would imagine

    I sound very blunt and against notch this is not entirely accurate to assume I just feel a little annoyed that he actually lets things that slide by in such poor condition its bad for his reputation and it is one reason I will be making my server available with offline mode possible sooner than later as more and more users get fed up with paying for it.

    I mean there has to be a point where enough is enough and the sleeves get rolled up and someone who actually knows how to code java better than him fixes it overall it is still a great game but as stated I feel let down that he puts minimal effort into fixing the core performance issues that cripple servers around the globe.
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    thanks for the blogpost. it surprises me that really the full source is being released.

    i can understand most of your points. for example the amount of ressources the game needs. but i always have in mind that notch just made a little game, in a way for himself, and suddenly he has to run a real company and has to deliver 'perfect' work. you have to get used to that kind of stuff. well ok, three years have passed, it should be better right now. i'm not here since the start in 2009, so i can't say if it is, but that's how i look at things and why i forgive notch little mistakes.

    i don't want to start the beta discussion here, but i think it's definitely beta because there is nearly no real content in the game. you said yourself that the game is mostly fun because of mods. you can destroy blocks and put them together again, that's all. i'm really looking forward to 1.8. i always wanted a reason to explore the world.

    but why do you think minecraft needs to be overhauled from the ground up?
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    WALL O TEXT ALERT < Do not read if you only plan to QQ
    Please forgive the spelling errors.
    I'm sure bukkit development team could explain this a lot better than me as I'm not a coder but I keep hearing and others may agree that the way the core code of the game is designed it does not allow for change very well as in he has core mechanic coded tied in with other tedious crap in such a way that if he makes a mistake in say the player movement it directly affects the entire parent structure and causes prev fixed things to break again or new bugs to appear. My understanding of game design is that you separate the core code from the features so that most of the required dependencies are not running in the same code as dependants otherwise you break one tiny part of a dependant and the dependency and other stuff it rely on breaks with it.

    Again I cannot account for the TRUE wrongness in the way Notch codes as I have not actually seen his source but as I said I hear it is quite er .. unusual and that it does not allow for a great deal of changing before it starts effecting core code. I believe it may not be notch breaking shit out of stupidity but more or less his code is not setup to allow feature testing and such it breaks when ever minor core code every time you change a dependant. I'm not sure how much sense that all makes as I don't speak programmer but I think you get the jist of what I mean. I will to explain in terms that I can understand easier.

    Take your permissions plugin and say you have 3 users running as VIP group now lets say while you edit the permissions you add a tab or an unneeded space this in turn cripples the core code and the plugin on server launch fails to start. Similar things happen in notches code where changing stuff that rely on other stuff aka Notchs code is a big ball of twine.

    The other reason I dislike how he thinks is due to fact on how he handles the networking side I mean anyone can tell you that buffering in excess is just going to cause more latency and in this case that accounted for 90% of the people complaining about lag ever since 1.6 when he fixed the buffer overflow but adding mandatory buffering to the client and server.

    This is all well and dandy for server on higher bandwidth that wont actually notice the extra latency caused by the delay in packet build up before transmission onto the wire but it can add up to 20ms of latency or more so this was imo a bad move. Notch needs to pay attention to the community more, we already had a solution right here on bukkit a plugin named Craftproxy that compressed map data and stored temporary cache data on clients ends via connecting using a proxy with modified network code. What notch should have done was looked at this and found a way to integrate it I remember him talking about considering better compression but who knows when and until then we are stuck with the latency increase of his quick dirty fix for this oversending of packet data he called a buffer.

    He could reduce the packets being sent and decreased the amount of bandwidth required per player if and overall less latency if he just took some examples from the core improvement side of the community like craftproxy and intergrated properly the compression for the chunk data since chunk data takes up the biggest amount if bandwidth the less you need to pulldown full chunks the better and I actually have run craftproxy I still do run it and the players who use it never get any chat lag or lag at all and when monitoring the bandwidth usage it's around a normal chunk size down to some 500bytes per player, The more they stay connected the more cache they get and the less chunk data is re sent and the less latency they have in the area they are in and overall less bandwidth costs for everyone.

    I know I am missing a lot of vital info about it but the jist is the Compression would have been a real welcomed benefit the buffer was/is nothing more than Notchs way of shutting the box for another day when something has to be done about it soon as the data being sent over the wire is only going to increase once he starts making NPCS and stats and all of that stuff that even I am looking forward to trying but not so looking forward to its impact on memory and networking side drawbacks.

    Plus going with true notch style I am sure it will break the game 2x worse than what he did with 1.6 update that introduced the biggest bug increase in the game's history from a bug fix update.

    This is the notch I see yes it quite narrow now but I have been here since early alpha watching notch and seeing little improvement in the way he handles customers and his coding and reputation is the only thing at stake I'm just annoyed he has not given a lick of thought and ignores most of his more informative players. I mean Fanboys are gonna hate people like me as I criticized notch their beloved man with a beard and hat but I only do so due to what I see I would shut my trap if I knew he was improving in time but the fact is he has not shown to me in the time I have following him to have learned anything from the past mistakes, I used to be a fanboy of notch and only notch converted me no one else I learned by seeing what was wrong with his priority and by playing the stuff he releases being a server owner and admin of the server you get a much wider view of how Notchs mistakes or lack of care really affects the over all performance of the end product and that .. that is why I don't praise notch anymore. The point is that SP does not change much couple bugs here there nothing
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    thanks for your long answer ledhead900, that is mostly information that i didn't know about. if that's all true (and you sound like you know what you are talking about) i have to agree with you.
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    Its mostly true its as true as my understanding lets it bem ofc others may want to fill in the voids of my wrong parts and I am sure I may be not 100% on what I wrote about the code but the compression stuff is indeed true. I know first hand as I use the plugin mentioned and my users all gave feedback in fact I invite you to try my server using it and with out it.

    Just search mindcalf here in bukkit for the server thread I think u will notice the difference within 3mins of playing as such ofc even on paper it would be better then the old way of chunk sending any cache on the local end to load in place of sending new data is going to greatly decreases latency and bandwidth usage.
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    "RB announcement coming soon, don't worry folks!"
    Craftbukkit's Twtter :D
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    LOL register for the source, re-code the whole thing so it's not a mess, then put it out as a "mod"

    (Note: That's explicity against the rules. You could submit the whole thing to Mojang as a "bug fix" though, but it'd probably hurt notch's feelings:cool:)
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    I did think about this, It is tempting, But Notch seems like the kind of man who won't pass up a increase in profit and porfit for him would be generated by better performance and less buggy and easier to work with game code that makes users happy and pay for the game more and bitch lesss.

    So I think he would be pleased as some users have stated it went from a hobby to a company sooner then he was hopeing I think, But that is not an excuse as he rolls in our cash I still see his money, our investment being spent not wisely if a man cannot do a task I simply expect the man to admit he cannot and so that hiring my begin to get a man who CAN!

    Notch's skills are limited If I was the Notch I would Hire pro people to do my work and keep all happy and my sole job would be to run the company and be the face for the public. Let people who understand workflow do the work. Its clear now notch just does what ever he feels like and not what ever best suits his product in the eyes of the very people he targets it with.

    There simply is no excuse for failing after 3 years 2 of them rolling cash I would expect nothing but production workflow and prof team behind me to support the product at hand instead of making claims then failing to meet them.

    I was hoping someone recode MC tho when source was out and added server - client mod downloading and installation the issue with it now is its not secure as you cannot trust the client thirdparty to do the right thing. But If one method become popular and or was recongized Im sure notch would take it up and impliment it and it would be secure then. Tho of course it would take 3 versions of the game before he manged to get in working correctly as per usual. But Im deff telling my users to not update to 1.8 for at least a month when that comes out. I already sense the out cry of angry people when the game wont start and map won't load.

    In all I'm a true hater of notch I disagree with a majority of his buisness model and his work ethic, Along with probably his willingness to let the little things pile on. But at the end of the day there is always some bright spark willing to tak on the task that notch does not and then notch sees this task and thinks to himself " The work is done I might see I if I can use that" as most of the ideas have come from us users to begin with notch just used them.

    I don't see how the source code can be used badly if given to good hands and dealt with in the right mannor I'm sure notch wont say no to a recoded game or anything like that as he probably never imagined it would get this big and so his sloppy code was pretty much stuck for ever but again no excuse for it 2 years later.

    Anyway I'm glade craftbukkit announced a RB is comming soon even tho I just installed 975 or 976 forgot exactly what one but it runs alright. I just noticed some plugins have a little fit with it on first boot so hoping RB will force people to RB update and fix that.
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