Craftbukkit distribution and copyright/licensing issues

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by jonqrandom, Sep 3, 2014.

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    can craftbukkit be distributed as an installer that contains only LGPL-licensed code, to be run against the user's pre-existing install of the official vanilla server?
    i get that mojang's code in github is a messier issue, but again, could some functional split be made?
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    Interesting idea. It is technically possible and the file size would be greatly reduced.

    My guess is this would be within the law since you're not redistributing anything protected. But I'm no lawyer. :)

    My reasoning is by analogy. You could download a file compression app (like 7-zip) and modify the minecraft server file within the law (i.e. zip it up). Downloading the installer you mention would be no different really, just modifies a file. Except in this case it adds extra functionality instead of reducing file size.

    Very interesting. I like this idea. It's a little more inconvenient but would reduce the download size and avoid the "don't distribute our stuff" legal issues.
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    in this case, it's more intended to avoid the "breaking the LGPL by quietly including open-source and closed-source code in the same bytecode blob" issue that the DMCA takedown is based on.

    as far as i'm aware, there isn't a requirement even in the GPL that GPL code doesn't link to proprietary code - only the reverse (non-GPL code must not link to GPL code - although it may link to LGPL code). doing so is just considered icky and bad practice by open-source enthusiasts. if that's the that case, creating open-source code against mojang's closed-source isn't the legal issue, it's purely the method of distribution that gives this DMCA takedown any grounds.
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