CraftBukkit 1.7.2-R0.2 is now available!

Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by EvilSeph, Dec 21, 2013.

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    A new CraftBukkit Beta Build (1.7.2-R0.2) that provides Minecraft 1.7.2 compatibility is now available. Please note: the stability of this build is relatively unknown due to the impact Minecraft 1.7 had on the core code. This build contains a fix for potion/mob effects not being removed on player death, among other things.

    Will plugins break with this build?
    Minecraft 1.7 is one of the most involved and impactful updates to date, bringing about many changes to the core of Minecraft. As a result, there is a chance that plugins might break with this build. Even if that isn't the case, we have not completed work on API changes for 1.7 yet so future builds might still break plugins.

    What is a Beta build?
    A Beta Build is in between a developer build and a Recommended Build. These builds simply work and are promoted much more frequently than a Recommended Build. While we will do some testing before promoting a beta build, we will not be running it through our extensive test process. As such, there are no guarantees that they will not contain minor bugs. If we do find out they are broken, we will mark it as such on DLB and promote a new one. A beta build may contain incomplete API and new features but they should not interfere with running the build in any way.

    This particular Beta build, like every first few Beta builds for a Minecraft update, is primarily made available to help facilitate more testing coverage to bring us closer to a Recommended Build sooner. Please consider running this Beta build to give us a hand with discovering issues we need to address in order to reach a Recommended Build.

    Notable changes include:
    • Minecraft 1.7 moved clickable link creation to the server but there doesn't seem to be any support for links built into the server yet. We've added this back since it is such a widely used feature.
    • Minecraft 1.7 now uses Log4j2 to handle logging, resulting in new logging behaviour. Logs are no longer saved to 'server.log' and, instead, are saved to the 'logs' directory with the name 'latest.log'. There is also built in support for rotating logs in the format of yyyy-MM-dd-#.log.gz" (where # increases with every new log created that same day). If you'd rather have the old server.log back, I wrote up an article on how to do this on my blog here.
    Known Issues:
    • The new commands in Minecraft 1.7 have not been added to CraftBukkit yet.
    For more detailed information on what is contained in this update, please see the changelog here.

    Download CraftBukkit 1.7.2-R0.2 here
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    Most of your plugins will continue to work. I have one plugin which was designed for CraftBukkit 1.1 and hasn't been updated in 2 years. It works fine.
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    That's not always true. If the plugin is only using the API, it should work fine. Some developers (including myself) refuse to "officially" acknowledge support for Beta and Dev builds, but realistically I'm using them in my development environment and on my own private server and it works just fine.
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    I saw your post first so i hoped you might reply for reassurance, thanks.

    I you implying you refuse to support Beta/Dev for plugins purposes and not the actual Beta itself for server software?
    I am horribly indecisive so trying to see if you are saying okay to use or trying to swing me away and wait more to the Recommended build. I feel I have lost some players and potential new players due to the very long wait for the Recommended build.
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    hive_angel You should make a test environment, exemple on your local machine, and test the build with your server setup and see if plugins work. If it all works, you can try it on your live server. It doesn't remove all chances of errors but it greatly reduces them.
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    No, I'm sorry I'm being confusing. What I'm saying is that I may release my plugin versions with the current release listed as the "supported version" even if I know it most likely works fine on the beta version. So just because the plugin's page say "1.6.4", doesn't mean it won't work with 1.7.2.

    The main reason I do that is because I don't know what might change before the release and I don't like to go back and retroactively drop support.
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    Thx For Releasing Bukkit For 1.7!
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    What's the word on next Beta/Stable release? :)

    Bobcat00 What plugin are you talking about?
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    nice, thanks!
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    Nice job guys, but can I ask when a build WITH the new commands will be out? cuz I have made a minigame which I would like to play with friends which uses 1.7 commands.
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    EvilSeph Will the Stable build be out soon? Don't want to rush you :)
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    Try the latest development build if you want to try out the new command structure as mentioned here:
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    Awsome job! Really really awsome! But when does RB come out???;)
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    Hi, I have a problem.. I want to run my own server with my friends.. after many hours spent trying to get the server working, I found Bukkit.. it seems very nice and I decided to give it a try

    I'm running bukkit 1.7.2-r0.2 and every time I tried to connect I get immediatly disconnected.
    The log on the server says:
    [00:37:01 INFO]: / lost connection: Internal Exception: The received string length is longer than maximum allowed (19 > 16)

    I read that this is due to nick length, but my nick is only 7 chars.. what should I do?
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    Nice... I am hoping to see at least a beta build soon... otherwise 1.8 may be out before i get a 1.7 recommended build for my server!
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