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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by IreEZz, Aug 27, 2013.

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    Hello i want to do a plugin that ops a specifyed player and then craches the server and unbans a specifyed player. If this is possible please help me with this :)
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    I'm fairly sure bukkit does not support malicious plugins.
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    Why would you want this?
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    gomeow i want to give it to my friends server because he bans me all the time
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    I hope that no developer in this forum will help you with this... That is not a plugin you want to write.
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    Even if you get this, he would ban you again after that probably.
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    NoChance20 he just bann me for fun but he wait like 1 day until he unbans me
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    IreEZz Grab a bike, go to his house, and slap him in the face.
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    How much I hate this idea, you can always overload the server, and it will crash itself
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    The simplicity of this plugin is incredible. I really hope this is NEVER created by any developers.
  11. Sorry this is actually attempt cyberattack or malicious virus attack becouse for one the way too crash a server unproperly would cause damage too the host serverbox if its done many times and i hardly doubt that the server that you are gonna give this plugin too is your friends or yours so i hope the bukkit community will not make this horrifying plugin!
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    1. BDO staff will never approve the plugin, if made
    2. You can't infect a server with a "malicious plugin" given the formal definition of "malice" and "cyberattack"
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    This forum is for improving Minecraf, not destroying it... I do haft to say that I've seen a plugin that douse this and more, but last I saw it was 1.8 beta.
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    No Developer on this site will help you with this and rightly so.
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