CPU - Chest Processing Unit

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by waicool20, Sep 27, 2013.

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    Hello guys, I've begun on a small project on a plugin called CPU

    Project Page:

    Ok so the concept is easy you use an activator to activate these CPU Modules which process 2 inputs into 1 output just like a logic gate.

    A CPU module consists of 3 chests and the middle one acting as a core/output and the other ones as inputs.The items in the core determines the operation of the CPU.

    So far I have implemented:
    -activator recipe
    -most of the basic gates(or,and,xor,and,nand,nor)

    What I plan to implement:
    -Block breaking/placing
    -wireless channels for transmitting
    -signal based crafting/smelting
    -delay(somehow the scheduler doesnt like to count properly for me :p)
    -item sorting

    Ideas/Feedback welcome, hope this plugin can be popular to those who love redstone and makes building circuits in survival more interesting because now players have to gather different resources for a single CPU(instant :p )

    Btw my progress will be slow since I don't get much time on working on this plugin :/ I'll soon make a new project page on bukkitdev as soon as I add permissions and file saving :p
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    Sounds cool!
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    Thanks but you got any ideas for me?
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    Maybe add, that when a player opens a chest in the CPU, Open an inventory in which you can select as which gate it should act. (Player clicks XOR item, and the CPU acts as XOR gate)
    wups, you added something like this already.
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