Copying WorldEdit Selection into separate World

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by silthus, May 15, 2014.

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    How would I go about creating a empty World and copying a WorldEdit selection from the current active world into this new empty world at the same coordinates as the current selection?
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    Sounds like my Backup + Repair spells! :)

    How far have you gotten? If you've gotten a CuboidClipboard from WorldEdit, this should be as easy as calling paste() - it takes a Location that (as far as I know) can be in a different World.
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    I do it all the time. Like a few weeks ago i needed a map reset but i didnt want to lose my spawn so i copied the spawn with world edit used multiverse to teleport to the new world and then pasted it.
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    I get the Selection and all and can even save it as a schematic, problem is the empty world generation (VOID) and that the selection can be very big. I need a way to copy the selection without crashing the server no matter the size of the selection.
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