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Discussion in 'Resources' started by ABDTGaming, Aug 21, 2014.

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    *First off: Forgive me if this is in the wrong section, but this is where I see it occur most*

    I have seen cooldowns done wrong multiple times, and I know a few people that get REALLY annoyed by this. *Cough* Garris0n *Cough* One of the questions most asked after he states that they're wrong are, "Well, how do you do it then?". Well, this tutorial explains a few of the common errors like that that people make. He DID make a mistake in the video, but he cleared it up in the description. Turqmelon also did a video on this. Sorry for the short thread, but the video explains a lot, and I thought it was about time that it picked up.

    sgtcaze - Making the tutorial. Go check him out on youtube, because he make a bunch of epic tutorials
    turqmelon - Making a more in-depth tutorial.
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    What about my lib? After I fixed it, there was no more complains...
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    Sorry, I don't see every tutorial. Feel free to post a link to it and I'll try putting it on the thread
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    I'd say yours is more of a library than a tutorial.
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    Fixed. Happy?
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    I haven't watched the videos but really we should all just use player metadata for this. That's what it's there for. We can also use lazy evaluation - I.E only check the metadata when we need to use it. This way there is a) practically no code written by us because Bukkit has metadata built in and b) a very fast way of doing it because there are no timers to set the cooldowns. We could even write a util class which has getCooldown which checks whether the player has a cooldowns removing he metadata if the cooldown has expired and setCooldown to add one. Realistically, those two methods are all you need to write if you use metadata.
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    Why give a link to a tutorial? Why not explain what it says/does?
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    Because it was 1:16 in the morning, and he explains it in the video. It also prevents copying and pasting.
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    A even more simple compact class by Comphenix.

    1. package com.comphenix.example;
    3. import org.bukkit.entity.Player;
    5. import;
    6. import;
    8. public class Cooldowns {
    9. private static Table<String, String, Long> cooldowns = HashBasedTable.create();
    11. /**
    12. * Retrieve the number of milliseconds left until a given cooldown expires.
    13. * <p>
    14. * Check for a negative value to determine if a given cooldown has expired. <br>
    15. * Cooldowns that have never been defined will return {@link Long#MIN_VALUE}.
    16. * @param player - the player.
    17. * @param key - cooldown to locate.
    18. * @return Number of milliseconds until the cooldown expires.
    19. */
    20. public static long getCooldown(Player player, String key) {
    21. return calculateRemainder(cooldowns.get(player.getName(), key));
    22. }
    24. /**
    25. * Update a cooldown for the specified player.
    26. * @param player - the player.
    27. * @param key - cooldown to update.
    28. * @param delay - number of milliseconds until the cooldown will expire again.
    29. * @return The previous number of milliseconds until expiration.
    30. */
    31. public static long setCooldown(Player player, String key, long delay) {
    32. return calculateRemainder(
    33. cooldowns.put(player.getName(), key, System.currentTimeMillis() + delay));
    34. }
    36. /**
    37. * Determine if a given cooldown has expired. If it has, refresh the cooldown. If not, do nothing.
    38. * @param player - the player.
    39. * @param key - cooldown to update.
    40. * @param delay - number of milliseconds until the cooldown will expire again.
    41. * @return TRUE if the cooldown was expired/unset and has now been reset, FALSE otherwise.
    42. */
    43. public static boolean tryCooldown(Player player, String key, long delay) {
    44. if (getCooldown(player, key) <= 0) {
    45. setCooldown(player, key, delay);
    46. return true;
    47. }
    48. return false;
    49. }
    51. /**
    52. * Remove any cooldowns associated with the given player.
    53. * @param player - the player we will reset.
    54. */
    55. public static void removeCooldowns(Player player) {
    56. cooldowns.row(player.getName()).clear();
    57. }
    59. private static long calculateRemainder(Long expireTime) {
    60. return expireTime != null ? expireTime - System.currentTimeMillis() : Long.MIN_VALUE;
    61. }
    62. }

    Reference & usage:
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    Hi can you like make a cooldown class and start a cooldown from another class ?

    I need 1 a cooldown class for like 5 sec and an other class starting the cooldown with an IF statement is that possable ?
    if it is possable can you give me an example pls.
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