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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by liquidboard, Jun 1, 2011.

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    Hello, I looked around the forums and couldnt find a related topic so ill post one.

    Previously (before 1.6), i had no issue doing the following:
    1. Creating a world using the server app from
    2. Copying the world into a destination folder
    3. Running bukkit with that copied world so it was the same as the one i copied

    However, after the release of 1.6, We had been using the server app from since bukkit had not yet released one for that. We created a nether world, linked a bunch of portals to places, and all was good. When bukkit released build 818, i figured i could do the same. But when i copied the world over to a bukkit server folder, the original dimension (i.e., not nether) was all the same, but when i used a portal, it was a completely new nether. I tried a few times to ensure i didnt do somethign stupid, same result every time, trying different portals too. No link to the nether we made before. I then saved the world from the server with me in nether hoping it would then auto generate the correct nether since i was in it (just a shot in the dark); this resulted in my spawning in a nether world of nothing but flat bedrock for eternity.

    Thus, my problem is stated and steps have been noted. Does anyone have an idea how to fix this? or just give me the news that it cannot be dealt with and i will retreat from bukkit to use server app again (sad face [no more mods]) . Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.

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    we do have the same Problem. We used the Server while we were waiting for the enxt recommend build of bukkit. I was searching long time to find out if there is no way using bukkit and getting into the real nether (i mean the one on the first mapfile, not the nether from teh bukkit generatet folder world-nether). Thats why we decided to build nothing in the netehr on our server till now, becous i was hoping it is a "bug" or that it will be configurable wich nether will be used, because bukkit is setting up a compleet new mapfile with only a nether an an empty surfaceworld.

    Maybe is there a way to force bukkit to use the SAME map-seed for the nether?
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    I think it's because bukkit stores the world different than the original server. I had the same, started bukkit and it took level 0 but recreated level 1. In the server the nether is saved in the world folder whilst for bukkit it has another folder next to world which is world_nether
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    Yeah, i know. But i was hoping that there will be an option because the Bukkit nether is not looking so good as the nether from the world folder.

    it would be very usefull when some one could give a clear commend about that.

    What happens if we decide to uninstall Bukkit from the server, and than cant get into the nether we build by using bukkit. Its just a "WHAT HAPPENS THAN AND HOW MUST I HANDLE THAT FACT?" question. Becous if we build something very cool and fantastic in the nether, we will be forced to use it everytime we want to get there. ofcourse atm we dont want to switch off from Bukkit =D

    I hope you all know what i mean - me is from Germany (sry for bad english)
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    When you use a nether portal in Bukkit 818, it seems that it's (by default) creating a new world, name_of_world_nether. What you could probably do, once this is created, is go into your Bukkit folder after stopping the Bukkit server, delete the contents of this folder, and copy your old nether world into it. I don't know if this will preserve your portal links, but it might at least give you access to the old world again, which would be a good starting point.

    Another possible solution is to use the MultiVerse plugin and create your own portals. These are instant however, and aren't handled as smoothly as the built-in mechanic. (no animation / loading screen.)
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    I tryed this with build 813 or maybe 814... But it doesnt work. And my main problem is how i could get the bukkit createt nether linkt do ther world an the vanilla-server incase of we decide to uninstall bukkit from our server. mhh.. becouse i think when i do whta you said backwards, and copy the bukkit nether map into the world folder of the vanilla server, the whole map will be changed. with MINUTOR i opend both maps (word and world_nether) and you can see that the bukkit file does have a overworld but nothing to see there becouse no one ever was there. and in the world map there is the world an the build-in nether^^ *lol totaly not confusing..*

    Maybe i should ask the support team!?
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    I'm having the same exact problem, and I'm having to resort to using MCEdit to go to the original map, open the nether, then copy and paste it into the main world of world_nether. I did quite a lot to the nether when using vanilla, and now it's all gone.

    If you copy the world folder into the world_nether folder it will work perfectly.
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    It works! Fantastic, thanks a lot :D
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