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    Conquest - capturable spawnpoints
    Hey, I am working on a sever that is going to be something along the lines of the world vs world mini-game from guild wars 2, but I am in need of some plugins.

    I know the other plugins dont exist yet, but they all need to hook into each other when they are created
    Plugin category: General

    Suggested name: Tharcraft Core

    What I want: I need a plugin that will allow users to capture a control point and then be able to teleport to it from the lobby when they die, basically like the conquest gamemode from battlefield.

    There will be up to 15 max point, (world vs world can be quite large) and there has to be some kind of visual thing showing that it is being captured, (example: a flag moving up/down on a post) also there will be a lobby, and in the lobby there will be a wall with an overhead view map of the entire place.

    an example of a point:
    the 3x3 square is where you would have to stand to start capturing the point, once you are there, after 10 seconds the wool would turn grey and after another 10 it would turn to your teams color thus capturing the point.

    I also need the points to be indestructible, if tnt gets shot at them then I need them to not blow up.

    Another thing, I would like to be able to set what blocks can be placed/mined by players, for example let them place tnt but not dirt, I would like this to be configurable in the config, what they cant and can break.

    This map will be constructed out of blocks and will have a wool block where a flag would be that changes color based on who owns it, you will spawn on that point be clicking the wool block.

    I would like the config to include things like, how many points to have, how long it takes to capture them, things like that.


    The wool blocks represent the capture points.

    Now you may be thinking "well you're just trying to copy that server"
    No, my server will be very different, the only thing that will be similar to this server will be the plugin I am talking about, even then its such a general kind of plugin that it wouldn't be copying because so many other games have this type of gamemode (conquest) in them.

    Ideas for commands: I would like everything to be done automatically, you log in and you are put on a team randomly, and then put into that teams lobby (seperate world) from there you click on the wool block and it warps you there. that's it.

    Ideas for permissions: If you think there should be permissions, well just say something in the comments.

    When I'd like it by: No time request, just don't take to long to make it :p

    There are other things I would, such as a class system, a skill system etc, but I would like them as separate plugins that can hook into this one so everything works as one, but can be updated/repaired individually.

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    An error here:
    I see no permission to use pics of Rockslide's server.

    However, I WOULD like to see a plugin with similar components to this, just not as obviously copied.
    And should you copy the original server there is a massive chance it will get shut down.
    Just saying.
    The fact that you suggest using flags, and want the same post system just seems a little to red-flaggy.
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    Levitheman There is nothing that says he needs permission to use pictures of anything. He is allowed to use the exact same plugin as any other server, there is no such thing as intellectual property with plugins created for bukkit.
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    Yeh I thought afterwards that it would seem like a copy but if you read further I said that I only need something to give players a way to capture points/flags etc and then teleport to them preferably by clicking on the wool blocks similar to rockslides server. many many many games out there have this same system in them so its not copying one specific server, its copying a gamemode that's been around for years.

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    I know this is a big request, but even if you are not willing to help me with this then could you send me somewhere that would be willing to help?
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    Got one of the these three figured out, now for this one.
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    Its actually not as big as I made it look... I just need there to be spawn points that can be "captured and then teleported to upon death via clicking a wool block in the lobby.
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    No one will even direct me somewhere that will help me?
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    prolly the last time I will bump this thread, them I will let it die

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