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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by MyrddinE, Jan 11, 2011.

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    One of the more annoying aspects of administering hMod is the great variety of configuration methods used by the different mods. Some use settings in the; some use various text files. Some support database configuration, some don't.

    I would really like to see a standardized configuration API built into Bukkit. Nothing too complex; just a way to serialize strings, numbers, and booleans from a hash. The mod should not define the file or database table it's being put into; that should automatically be created based on the name of the mod.

    Mods that require extra storage would, of course, implement that themselves (example: cuboid, towny), but having a standard API for configuration settings means a standard way to manage those settings by admins. Less need to hunt for a README or track down the mod's thread just to figure out how to change things.

    Exactly how Bukkit manages those files is up to you.
    • One flat file with sections per mod?
    • One file per mod all saved wherever Bukkit is saved?
    • A .config folder?
    I don't care.

    Even for those mods that do their own storage, it would be nice if Bukkit specified a 'proper' procedure for this. Maybe mods would be requested to create a subfolder (with the name of the mod) where all files should be stored, or use table names that always begin with the name of the mod.

    The earlier you do this, or specify these standards, the more mods that will follow the rules out of the box, and the easier it will be for admins.

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    There are several threadt opened about this subject. Just look around.
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    Ahh, sorry about the dupe then.
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