Configurable vanilla-style multiverse portals

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    ok, so i think my first post was tl;dr.

    the short version is that i would like a plugin that provides nether-style portals between pairs of worlds in a multiverse, made from and activated by whatever blocks and items are defined in the config file. other than those options, they should operate like normal nether portals, without commands or signs required to activate.

    if you really like design briefs and extra details, my original post is below, otherwise, that up there is the important bit. i've spent hours looking for a plugin that works this way, my apologies if one exists and i've missed it.
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    Plugin category: Transportation/Teleportation.

    Suggested name: BetterPortals.

    What I want: I would like a portal plugin that replicates the functionality of 'nilla nether portals, but configurable for any given pair of worlds in a multiverse/multiworld server, and able to handle instanced worlds such as custom Ends and adventure maps. Some people would probably appreciate BungeeCord support, I don't know if that'd make coding this much harder though - totally your call.

    The plugin should not create source portal frames, only recognise player constructions as such. The plugin should read config for each world-pair which will specify frame block type, activation method, and visual effect to display while the portal is active. The plugin should at least recognise the standard size nether portal arrangement, anything beyond that is icing :)

    Activation methods should include right or left-clicking with a (potentially named or specific damage value) entity - other options could be setting alight, getting wet, being shot with an arrow, powering with redstone. Visual effects should at least run to the normal portal blocks, water, lava, and air (empty). Firework and/or particle effects would be lovely as options but it depends on how much effort they'd be to implement.

    The plugin should handle configurable world scaling, just as 'nilla does with the nether. When the player activates the portal, the plugin should create a new portal in the destination world if necessary, or link to an existing portal if appropriate. If the plugin has to create a new portal in the destination world it should sanity-check the target area and find somewhere safe.

    Ideally, if going back through the same portal they entered a world via, the player should return through whichever portal they left from initially, in the case where two portals are valid destinations.

    Portals should pass players, mounts, minecarts, mobs and entities.

    Hooking into Vault for economy support seems popular for portal plugins, but again I'm thinking of other people's potential requirements here, I don't need this personally.

    Ideas for commands: /betterportals displayportaltypes - should list [WORLD_X], [WORLD_Y],[FRAME_BLOCK], [ACTIVATION_METHOD] for each world pair.
    /betterportals close {all|[WORLD_X[,WORLD_Y]]} for ops in case of server issues.
    Certainly no create etc. commands, the plugin should feel like a natural extension of vanilla nether portal operation.

    Ideas for permissions: betterportals.activate.[WORLD_X].[WORLD_Y], betterportals.access.[WORLD_X].[WORLD_Y], betterportals.displayportaltypes, betterportals.close

    When I'd like it by: When it's ready? ;)
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