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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Jesseg2, Mar 7, 2011.

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    Ok, so I'm going to start a server but I'm going to build the tower.
    I want 50 - 80 players.

    dual-core i3 processor
    2GB of ddr3
    450 GB harddrive

    what do i need to upgrade on or is this good for running a dedicated server for 50 - 80 players ?

    also, how can i run just bukkit on my computer ?
    i will be using ubuntu desktop or ubuntu server (because i dont know the difference)

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    2 gigs ram only? Are you kidding??? My server has quad core i7 @2.2ghz and 8 gigs ddr3 ram for 30 have to upgrade everything.
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    quad core at least
    50 players will take about 4gb of ddr3
    and the speed of your hardrive is what matters 7200 is pretty good
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    @Jesseg2, bukkit uses a single core now, but is looking to go multi-threaded in the future

    also the amount of memory really depends on what plugins you are running (and how many), though i would upgrade the memory (which luckily is cheap, $10/Gig)

    what is the internet connection upload, as to have 50-80 people you will need one hell of a connection (10-15Mbps upload)
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    If I run a speed test on my family desktop I get
    3MB up
    35MB down

    Ok this Is all making more since now...
    So, quad-core i5
    6GB ddr3
    7200 harddrive

    Good now ?
    I'm going way past my budget but...
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    well with the internet speed (upload) you are going to max around 24-30 people on the server as each person uses about 125 Kbps upload
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    Oh ok, I guess that will do...
    Ok now on the processors,
    What Is better
    Intel i5 processor quad-core at 3.2Ghz (3.7 turbo)
    Intel xeon quad-core server processor at 2.4Ghz
    ? Please help...
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    the i5 because it is faster, no need for server style equipment for this (i use a desktop class Athlon II X2)
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