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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by mbaxter, Sep 12, 2012.

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    Huh? How does that make sense? That makes it sound like there's a lot of Java code that compiles under Java 6 but not under Java 7, which there isn't. I think you meant something else but just didn't word it properly?
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    _LB he probably means that if mojang decides to update to Java 7, they will update both client and server, which won't happen soon, probably, because many users still run Java 6.
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    On the other hand, there could be code that compiles under Java 7 but not under Java 6, which I believe was the point being made.
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    My point was: Since the client and server code are so intertwined, they must compile both for either java 6 or java 7. They can't release a java 6 client and a java 7 server. Since many players are stuck with java 6, the client cannot be upgraded and thus the server will not be upgraded.
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    deltahat They could use Java 7 in the non-shared code, but I see what you meant now.
  6. deltahat I don't get why they couldn't compile client with 7 for Java 7 server, and then also compile the client with 6 for release version.
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    The networking protocol is not affected by the Java version. The client and server could be any disparate java versions they wanted.
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    Actually according to MCStats only about 2% of bukkit server owners are still using Java 6, while 98% are using Java 7 or above... So I think its safe to update your plugins to compile with Java 7
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    Chiller you mean the now inactive mcstats website?
  11. Necrodoom Yeah, the same one that a whole bunch of servers don't use! Clearly a comprehensive resource.
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    Building off of Java 8 is now more the problem than building off 7.
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    At this point, if people are still using Java 6, they should also consider upgrading to a NT based Windows version or relatively recent Linux distribution...
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