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    Name of Plugin: CommandToChat

    About this plugin: This is very a simple plugin! All you do is a command and in the chat is a message with about 1-8, 1-5 lines, but you can configure how many lines you would like in the config for the message. You can add many different messages. When you do the command, it doesn't show the message to anybody else but only you.

    Commands: /ctc 1 - First message - Lets say if 10 messages than it would be /ctc 10

    Permissions: player.ctc - Do the command

    When I would like it by: This is a very simple plugin so by tomorrow possibly or today?

    Thankyou Bukkit Community! :D
  2. TheCoolPlugins
    Could you please elaborate a bit? Would the same message be shown several times? For example, the config would look something like this
    message: 'Hello world!'
    and I typed /ctc 10, the "Hello world!" message would be shown in the chat 10 times?
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    By 10 message, I mean the 10th message in the config.
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    I can try it, why not

    Edit: what version of minecraft?
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    if u use 1.7 i could make it
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