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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by spiral6, Dec 31, 2012.


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    I need help. Whenever I use commandbook, none of my players can use the gamemode command. After switching commandbook with essentials, the same thing happens! (in a different message of "you don't have permission") After removing both, the gamemode command works fine. Why is CommandBook/Essentials blocking the gamemode command? If there is a fix, I need help!
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    spiral6, in the case of Essentials, I believe it takes over control of the built-in gamemode command, in favor of its own gamemode command. So you may need to add the Essentials gamemode permission node to your permissions config for whatever groups you want having access to that command. The same could be true for CommandBook, but I've never used it, so I don't know.
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    There isn't documentation of an essentials gamemode command, nor of a commandbook gamemode command either. If it does take over, i can't find the permission node to fix it...

    I think i found the permission node after all, (sigh) I really don't want essentials taking over bukkit's functions completely, so could you somehow block it?

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    It's the same thing as the bukkit command. It only adds better name matching and additional aliases.
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    There is a disabled-commands list in your plugins/Essentials/config.yml. Add gamemode:
      - gamemode
    EDIT: Essentials also overrides among other things, /spawn and /god, which are provided by CraftBukkit and WorldGuard, respectively.
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    thanx, everyone!
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