Command to spawn mobs?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Mr. Minecraft, Nov 1, 2012.

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    Mr. Minecraft

    Is there a command that comes with essentials & bukkit that i can use to spawn at least 100 mobs at once? When i do it with essentials "/mob (mob type)(amount)" command it limits to 10 mobs. Can i change the max amount in a config, and if so, where?
  2. ./spawnmob if you want to spawn 100 at once then you have to set the spawn limit in the essentials config file.
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    Mr. Minecraft

    Ok so I found that and changed it, and it worked. The problem is that I need to be able to spawn all of them on one block. Is there a way to do this while still allowing the mobs to push each other around once a way out is opened?
  4. Actually they should all spawn at 1 spot (where you're looking at) but I think Minecraft will just let them just spread out or something. I'm not sure if Essentials can do this, reached my experience level for it here ;P
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    Mr. Minecraft

    When I Look at the block i want them on, almost all of them spawn in the block, not on it.
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    Mr. Minecraft
    No, Essentials does do it but Minecraft spreads the mobs out in a linier way. What I would do. go on a block, 3x3 and spawn the mobs but put a moat of lava around it. There is a plugin that will let you spawn mobs by the click of a sign, but I would have to find it :p Anyways, Essentials does not fit all of the needs for a server but I think with the Java knowledge I have, I could pull this off.

    I think you are the spawner block, basically with Essentials.
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    Mr. Minecraft

    .... What do i to do make them spawn on one block all together?

    Edit: The absolute BEST thing ever would be for a plugin that i can wrote on a sign [Spawn] then under it the mob, then the next line the amount and make it so i can power it with redstone. The sign would be the block they spawn "in". So they would land on the block under it.
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    essentials DOES spawn them on the same block. the problem is, due to collision issues, the mobs will stutter and drop one block because they all spawned on the same block.
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    Mr. Minecraft

    so if i make an invisible block and spawn them on that they will fall on the block below?
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