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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Need_Not, Jun 17, 2019.

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    Version: 1.13.2

    I need this ASAP!

    Name: what every you want (dev adds name)

    you enter a preexisting Command but with arguments

    (E.g. if someone buys a tag to go after the players name in chat but they buy more then 1 tag how do you make it possible for them to change what tag they want to use and your using pex?

    Well you can't give them the perm to edit the players own tag because they could make it say anything! But if you gave them a permission to only be able to run the command "/pex user (players name) suffix set test" then they could only be able to change their tag to what ever they paid for)

    So that's why with this plug in you can do /nm create [enter cmd without /] [out put node] so like now they only have permission to run the pex Command if it has the exact same arguments as in their permissions

    (nm = node make or what ever the dev wants to call it)
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