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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by tiradorus, Jul 12, 2018 at 5:15 AM.

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    Hi devs!

    I have a request, i think it would'nt be so hard to do.

    Could you make me a plugin that run a command specified each time a player levelup? For THIS player only? Just as the plugin "BattleLevels", without everything around that modify the level, exp etc etc. I'm using SkillApi and i need special Permissions per level, each level have his own permissions.

    A player level 2 have persmission 'Level2'
    A player level 15 have permissions 'Level15'

    I can't manage commands each time a player levelup, and that's what i need to do ^^

    So could you make me a plugin that allow specific command that i can configure into the config.yml?
    Juste like that:

       - 'Command that i want to do'
       - 'Command that i want to do, example: /pex user {name} add Level7 '
       - '/pex user {name} add Level20'
       - '/pex user {name} remove Level19'
       - '/pex user {name} add Level20'
       - '/pex user {name} remove Level19'
       - 'etc'
       - 'etc'
    Exactly as the plugin "Battlelevels", but with hard improvment of CPU and Ram usage+compability with other plugins because it wouldn't modify the level cap and leveling system.

    Thanks for reading and for your answer :D
    Have a nice day ;)

    Ps: I'm on 1.8.8
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    Nah finaly it's allright, i did it myself ;)
    Thanks also :D
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    If the request is filled, even by yourself, it would be best to mark this request as such.

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