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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Six en Seven, Mar 1, 2011.

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    Six en Seven

    Hey guys.

    I had an idea, but I have no way of going about it- so I felt like sending it here.

    It's called well.. not sure, but it's basically a plugin that will allow players to grow in ranks, example:
    default --> builder --> moderator, in a certain amount of in-game time spent, or depending on how many times the player has signed on, etc. Players would start as a guest, unable to destroy, build, etc. for a certain amount of in-game time, only able to chat, and use basic material possibly, and from there the plugin would level the guest up to a builder status once a time-frame as been reached. The builder could then progressively earn the next rank, being Architect, or Builder 2. The Architect can use all material, and is given a few simple commands, such as access to home, or warps, etc. From there you could then rank up onto Builder 3, or the Professional- which grants them the /giveme command, and a few other useful commands.

    It would be a plugin that progressively granted the players who play the most, the better commands- adding a bit of an earning system to your basic groups.

    Anyways, thats the main idea. Feel free to elaborate on it here.

    - Se7en
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    I've two plugins to get finished this week but that's one I'd definitely like to have a whack at :D
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    sounds like an example for the persistence thread! i would think this would be one of the use cases since you would want to have the ranks continue through a restart.
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    Six en Seven

    It would be a great plugin for many different aspects of gameplay. It could fit into RPG servers, and also the basic servers that want a tad more replay value. If anyone is interested in developing it, go for it!
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    Hopefully you'll be able to create this idea of mine. It would be a great plugin :D
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