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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by MajikalBlood, Feb 26, 2013.

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    Okay so...on my server the command block is iffy...When using "say" it broadcasts as bright purple chat, I'm not able to use "me", and I really wanna use command blocks as intended. By issuing commands with redstone. I'm unable to use any non-vanilla command and I'm having trouble finding any plugin that will enable me to use all plugin commands with a command block
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    The Command blocks works through the console. You are giving the console a command...
    So treat it that way.
    say will be the same as typing say Hi in your console, meaning the message will come from the server.
    The console has no /me

    Any command you can use through the console, you can use through the command block.

    However, you can use the /me command by using sudo.

    Type this in your block:
    sudo @p believes he can figure out CommandBlocks.
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    sudo doesnt work; On my server Sudo makes another player use a command
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    That is what sudo does...

    But if you have say a button, connected to redstone to a commandblock... Whichever player presses the button (or is closest to the block) will do the /me command.
    There is no /me command on the server itself as it is not a player... It can't do /me.

    And sorry, I type the command in wrong before...
    It's meant to be: sudo @p me believes he can figure out CommandBlocks
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    as abusivee said, you cant do /me on a commandblock because commandblock isnt a player. find another way to make commandblock boardcast, such as essentials /boardcast.
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