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    I have a small creative server I run that is currently being used to develop an adventure map. Only problem is that, with bukkit, all command block outputs appear as [Server] Message. Ideally, the command blocks should function as they do in vanilla, showing [@] Message or more importantly [(name)] Message. I'm not really worried about the whole [@: teleported someone to somewhere] or [@: took 7 XP from someone] or whatever because gamerule commandBlockOutput will be set to false.

    Suggested Name: Doesn't really need a name for command purposes, maybe Command Block Fixer or the like.

    What I want: Simply a plugin that can look at the name (or however the data is stored) of whichever command block is being triggered, and outputs the message in a similar fashion of a vanilla server. So far, whenever we've needed to test things I can stop the server, change to minecraft-server.jar, and rerun, but that is, frankly, a pain in the shorts.

    From what I'm familiar with as far as bukkit plugins, this should be possible as the plugin simply needs to check the name of the block and apply it with correct formatting. Of course, this may be harder with the @p/@a/etc. syntax, but (possibly?) the command block's output can be caught, fixed, and sent.

    If this isn't possible, that's perfectly fine and I can continue switching the jar. This plugin would just help to make my life just a bit easier.

    As far as Commands I don't think it really needs any except for possibly /cbf enable and /cbf disable, if that would be able to decrease any lag (if there is any) when not needed.

    Permissions: None, or /cbf enable/disable as cbf.enable or something–for others, for me this is on a whitelisted private server and I'm not worried about misuse, not that there really could be any.

    When I'd like it by: Sooner rather than later, but whenever (preferably this year) is fine.

    The only other plugins installed on the server are Multiverse and WorldEdit.

    In case anyone isn't familiar with the properties of named command blocks on vanilla vs. bukkit servers, I've provided some supplementary material:
    supplementary material.png

    If a plugin like this is out there, I would love a link.

    Thanks for your time, and I hope that this is possible.
  2. I'm almost positive you can name the block in an anvil and then in it type, "me Hello World" and it will output "[Name of Block] Hello World" like in Vanilla.
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    Thanks a lot, I just tried that and the name of the command block does output correctly.

    Of course, it does use the "* name" instead of the "[name]".

    The best course of action would probably, then, be to name command blocks @: and use me, so they output
    * @: (message)
    to avoid the "emote-yness" of this as much as possible. Still, I do favor say, as it looks as much like a player as possible.

    Possibly, whenever I want a player to "speak", I might use me @[p|a|r] : blah blah or something, just because that is a little less obtrusive. Of course, the map will be run in vanilla, so possibly I could use "me" while developing and then use some sort of MCEdit automagicness to turn every "me" into a "say", hmm...
    (That's a screenie from vanilla)

    Thanks for the tip, I'll definitely use that if nothing else comes up.
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    This bug forces me to use plugins... I tried minequest (dont recognise its own quest files) and myrpg( made a random behavior by messing up exp, mobs, and drops).I know command blocks and i know how to use them for this, but bukkit simply not allows me to do this.
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    timtower Ninja on the waves Moderator

    Bukkit is made for plugins...
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    the only ones what we want to use are essentials, multiverse and worldboarder, these will be updated,any other things may not be continued and broken, making us unable to update the server.
    And i don't want to install something for a function whitch already exist...
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    timtower Ninja on the waves Moderator

    Outdated doesn't mean broken, most of the plugins are using the bukkit API that rarely breaks ( once each 2-3 years )

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