Command always returning false

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by ZonalYewHD, Jun 20, 2014.

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  1. ZodiacTheories I'm sorry, but I really need to get this done. Just please tell me how to fix it, or what exactly the error is.


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  2. ZodiacTheories Are you still willing to help? I'll update GitHub with everything new, but the commands still return false.
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    Ok, can you do that and post your 'plugin' class?
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    ZonalYewHD You never set the executor for the commands.
  5. xTigerRebornx Updating GitHub to what I changed it to, I now get an Abnormal Plugin type error in the console, causing the plugin to be disabled
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    ZonalYewHD You've gotten rid of the default constructor for that class. You shouldn't have a need for a constructor in your class that extends JavaPlugin, simply create the instances of those parameters in your onEnable() method or when you declare the variables (the first way is what I'd recommend).
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    ZonalYewHD Are you setting the executor(s) for those commands? If you are, then put some debug messages and see where it is returning false.
  8. xTigerRebornx Go to my GitHub page and you can see all of the code. And no part of the command is being run, even though the executors have been set.
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    ZonalYewHD Can you push the updated code? The current code wouldn't even let the plugin load.
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    ZonalYewHD You never initialize the variables.
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    ZonalYewHD Wherever you believe they should be initialized? Its your code, you designed it, you should be making that decision.
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