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    I'm basically looking for a plugin to make "Simple" Combination Locks, I'm intermediate when comes to redstone, but I have no clue when comes to building one of those, At anyrate I've explained my idea to some more advanced people as I've been baseing my idea of the advanced redstone builds I've seen on YouTube, such as "Computers" and a working "Calculator".

    Therefore, I think my idea could be simple, but don't want to use a lot of redstone, Basically create a "Combination Lock" where in the "Back Room" I can change the code with buttons and it would store it in memory and then when a "User Inputs" the code, than opens the secret. Sounds like a lot of redstone, right? I honestly not sure if it's possible and maybe you could let me know if you're a "Redstone Master".

    At any rate, The idea came to my head to make things simple. a "Sign Based" Combination Lock, where you places all your buttons, place a sign on the oppsite side of that.


    and then just redstone wire it all to "1 Sign"

    Actual Code

    and output the power to what you want to open once accepted.

    If possibly, I'm sure this plugin could be expanded to use "Words" 26 buttons and create a sentence! I don't know, figure I'll though an idea out there and maybe someone will be interested in creating something like this, if possible. -Stick with digits first. :)

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    It might not work though, it has not been updated in a while
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    Bukkit needs a better search function for terms and stuff...Didn't find any, Thanks!

    Updated To 1.1-R6 and 1.2.3-R0.2
    Added block locking. Enter B in the second line and The Code to The third Line Of a sign Above the block that should be locked.
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    After testing this plugin, It does work on 1.2.5 fine, but not what I wanted, but of course not going to be picky.
  5. Hey i can't believe a dude from the Minecraft Monday's is here.
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    Yes, I'm the head admin for Minecraft Mondays, I don't classify myself as popular.

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