Combine Incompatible Enchantments 1.17.1

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by SpiceEdge, Jul 18, 2021.

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    I have read that you can change unsafe-enchants in the EssentialsX config.yml file to true to allow Incompatible enchantments to be combined. But there are 3 problems with that method, the method allows for enchanting above max levels (ex: Sharp6), it doesn't work in anvils, and isn't customisable to allow certain combinations but not others.

    If anyone has the time, I would appreciate if you could make a plugin for spigot, that allows for incompatible enchantments to be combined in anvils and also in survival, that can be turned on and off by changing a variable to false/true (also in game, so I don't have to edit a config file all the time), and doesn't allow for enchanting over normal max levels. If you want, you can make an option for over max level enchanting aswell, though it's not necessary for me.

    The combinations I would like are:
    Every type of protection can be combined together. (Proj. Prot, Blast Prot, Fire Prot, Prot)
    Mending and infinity can be combined.

    Toggleable with variable:
    Sharp, Smite, BoA (something like: allow-meele-combination)
    Frost Walker + Depth Strider (something like: allow-swimming-combination)

    Not allowed combinations are:
    Silk Touch + Fortune (obv).
    Anything not mentioned above

    Thank you.
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    If possible, and if anyone makes said plugin, could you give me the code too? On github or something. I am learning Java and want to analyze the plugin to understand how it works and learn subject by subject how minecraft as a whole works, so I can easily code with java for minecraft. :D

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