Colored signs? None seem to work.

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by MikeA, Oct 17, 2012.

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    I've searched through BukkitDev and haven't found working, and updated plugin to allow players to create colored text on signs. There is one, but it doesn't work, yet it loads with the server.

    So my request, is a simple plugins that allows all users to use colored text on signs, using &<color code here> like usual (&4=red).

    If anyone can do this, please tag me @<user> or PM me. I would appreciate it!
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    ColoredSigns Dosent work?
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    AdminCMD has this feature. That is all.
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    Are you giving your users the correct permission nodes after adding the plugin?

    They seem to work for me..
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    I believe essentials has this built in too, and I believe it works too.
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    Essentials - config.yml remove the # infront of the signs sections
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    Sorry, I am not using Essentials nor will I ever :p Anyways, I'll check our what you linked ryanclancy000
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    Also PrettySigns will provide this functionality and, in the near future, much more!
  10. CommandsEX, use the Builder to create a custom version with the features you want.

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