CloudGame - A flexible, scalable minigame framework for Bukkit

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    What is CloudGame?

    CloudGame allows server owners to manage all of their minigames from a single plugin, without any conflicts. Commands, messages displayed and more are all consistent between minigames, so it's easy to work with for admins and players alike. However, you can also customize your minigames to be however you want them to be, giving your server an entirely unique feel.

    What makes CloudGame the best choice?

    CloudGame has many features which make it the best minigame framework around:
    • Infinite flexibility - CloudGame can be used for anything from a simple Free-For-All to a complex game of King of the Hill, and much more!
    • Planned BungeeCord support - CloudGame will support minigames on different BungeeCord servers.
    • Built-in gamemodes - CloudGame contains built-in gamemodes, meaning anyone can get started, or just test out the plugin, without having to add anything.
    • Many different game masters supported - CloudGame minigames can be hosted from a lobby with signs, by a player with a command, or by the console with a command. Games can be completely automated.

    CloudGame is developed primarily by AlbireoX - I help out with the code and ideas and deal with much of the forums posting.
    Creating your own Minigames
    CloudGame offers a beautifully easy to use way to create custom minigames. The innovative mixins system provides tonnes of functionality which the developer doesn't have to write themselves.
    More Information for Developers (open)
    Creating a Minigame
    In CloudGame's source, a type of minigame is referred to as a 'Gameplay'. To create a new minigame, simply extend Gameplay, override the setup(Game) method and add some mixins. If you want functionality which doesn't have a mixin already, you can either submit a Pull Request to CloudGame to add said mixin, or just write it in your own listener. If there's a mixin you want added which you think could benefit others, just ask, and myself and AlbireoX will add it.
    In CloudGame, pretty much everything is a mixin, even a game's state. A mixin is essentially a form of plugin for a minigame.
    A mixin allows a minigame to have functionality added or deleted with a single line of code. Do you want to stop players from using commands inside the minigame? Simply add the following code to your setup method:
    Source code for CloudGame is available here. CloudGame is well into development and is in fact fairly close to being completed.
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