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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Stormedwolf, Jan 20, 2012.

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    So, I recently started running a new bukkit server off my home computer. I've set one up before, and everything runs correctly, and all the plugins I've installed work fine. I'm using the 1.0.1-R1 release, and I've downgraded my Minecraft client to version 1.0.0 using MCNostalgia.

    The downgrade went sucessfully, and now the only thing I've done to the client was run MCPatcher to get my texture pack working properly. The first time I try and connect to my server, everything goes as it should and I can connect and play on the server.

    However, if I disconnect from the server, and then try and reconnect, I'm greeted with the following message (in the client):
    Connection Lost
    Failed to login: Bad login
    The only thing the server says is
    /XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:XXXXX lost connection
    When I go back to the title screen, and try and go back into the multiplayer menu, the server usually says that there's a communication error.

    The only way I can get back into the server is by restarting the Minecraft client.
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    Sound like you solved your issue, this is very common to see and deal with I would not worry about it.
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    I guess this isn't a problem so much as it is an inconvenience. I was hoping there'd be a solution, but i guess I'll just deal with it.
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    The "Bad Login" error means you are trying to log on to many times within a small lifespan. I think Minecraft pings the server every 10 seconds? You just have to wait 1o seconds to re-ping and it should allow you on.
  5. I believe that Bad Login means that the login token you have has expired. Either you have been logged in for too long, or you have logged in on another device.
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    how do you fix it if that happens? (new to minecraft sorry)
  7. Close minecraft and log back in again
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    I have same problem.
    I have the same message, what Stormedwolf got.

    * online-mode is true...
    * tried to restart Minecraft...
    * I did Force update too

    Really, how to fix it?
    When you know, then send me message!
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