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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Amandusjf, Jun 4, 2020.

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    Plugin category: Admin tool

    Minecraft version: 1.15.2

    Suggested name: BetterClear

    What I want: a plugin to clear items from a players inventory but with categories, so you could for example clear all blocks, all tools, all armour, all items etc. Instead of clearing the whole inventory or one item at a time.
    i also want this to be able to choose what slot-part of inventory to clear for example to a admin can only clear a players hotbar, inventory(not hotbar), armour (the armour of a player), or all.

    also make it so that admins can do for example
    /clear (player name) (type: blocks,items,armour,tools,all) (place: hotbar,inventory,armour,all).

    example: /clear 66one blocks inventory. /clear 66one items inventory,armour.
    (the last command of the examples would clear all the items in the inventory and the armour slots)

    also include the @a for all players.

    Ideas for commands: /clear (player name) (type: blocks,items,armour,tools,all) (place: hotbar,inventory,armour,all).

    Ideas for permissions:
    betterclear.clear.other (permission to clear others inventory)
    betterclear.clear.self (permission to clear own inventory)

    When I'd like it by: as soon as possible
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    I threw something together for you @Amandusjf.

    You can download the plugin jar here.

    Now, its what you asked for and a bit more. You see, I made it rather versatile and configurable so that you and other people can adapt and configure it exactly how you might want it.

    In the generated config.yml, you can specify "places" and "types". Essentially, each place entry is a list of inventory slots. This way, you can define certain regions of the inventory you want to clear. All combinations are possible. Additionally, each type entry is a list of materials. So you can freely name and create categories for both places and types and combine them however you want using the ingame commands. (I included a few examples to make it more clear.)

    Inventory slots are numbered like this: (i hope this is still up to date, haven't played in years sadly)


    Commands are: /betterclear <type> <place> [player]
    aliased as just 'clear' for your convenience.
    You may also replace the player placeholder with "all" or "@a" to target all online players.
    (Edit: Player specification is optional, if left out, the command is applied to the player issuing it)

    Permissions are BetterClear.self and BetterClear.other

    hope you like it, have fun
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