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    To anyone who has ever ran a server that uses a FTP client (like Filezilla) you probably know my pain when you try to delete huge folders as it has to delete each file one by one meaning deleteing something that is 500mb large could take up to 8hours!

    So I am proposing a plugin that allows server owners to delete files in-game similar to multiverse world delete command or a plugin like
    which is a god sent to me.


    /cleanfile <location e.g root/plugins/dynmap>
    /cleanfile used -tells you how much disc space is being used
    /cleanfile breakdown <location e.g root/plugins> -breakdowns all folders/files in a location telling you name and size


    - cleanfile.*
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    Zip contains plugin jar and full source code. Type cleanfile or cf to get help with commands. Most features should work, except getting the free space which is currently bugged. Permission is cleanfile and defaults to op.

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    You are a god sent :O not only to me but anyone who isles FTP for bukkit :p. Also thank you fo rthe source code it will help as I am trying to learn Java :D


    Doesn't seem to be working when I do /cf plugins dynmap nothing happens but if I do /cf list plugins/dynmap it will show the folder

    Theres seems to e no console logs.

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    Thank you :)

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