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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Chiise, Oct 10, 2013.

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    I was thinking That a plugin maker should make a clash of clans plugin and i think it would be fun cause on the side of the screen they could use the score board system and that would tell them how many coins and Elixir stuff to.

    - /c set [name]
    - /c rename [new name]
    -/c upgrade
    -/c confirm (to confirm ur upgrade)
    -/c leave
    -/c add [add a player to join ur clan]
    -/c chat [clan chat]
    -/c donate [number]
    -/c request
    -/c join [clan name]
    -/c attack (attack a random player)
    -/c shop

    Those are a few commands for the game i thought if u think i forgot something please write it in the comments! I think for the shop u just do /c shop and buy stuff from there and when u walk by the (gold mine) for example it says what level it is. You can fly around the maps and stuff and check all ur stuff besides walking and getting confused.

    For walls i think it should go like this

    (level 1)-wood fence
    (level 2)-nether fence
    (level 3)-mossy cobble
    (level 4)-cobble
    (level 5)-cobble
    (level 6)-cobble
    (level 7)-cobble
    (level 8)-cobble
    (level 9)-cobble
    (level 10)-cobble
    (level 11)-cobble MAX!

    if u got a better ideas please write to me.

    for attacks just use spawn eggs for monsters and how many you got is what u use

    -Creeper -Explode walls
    -zombie -Goblin
    -pig zombie - barbarian
    -skeleton -archer
    -skeleton (level 6) - Wizard
    -enderdragon - Dragon
    -sheep - healer
    -Giant Zombie - Giant
    -pig zombie (level 12) P.E.K.K.A
    -TNT -balloon

    If u got better ideas write in the comments.

    Gems They can speed up the upgrade like usual.
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    Chiise I know you included a lot of detail, but you didn't use the format.

    Anyways, I have a couple of things to say. Its not a plugin maker, its a plugin developer (I love correcting people :p).

    Also this does't seem like a plugin. It seems like a server. This plugin would be huge. I mean big. If someone made this, I doubt they would make it publicy.

    That being said, I actually do LOVE what you included. Your ideas are fantastic :p
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    Thanks For the positive feed back and yes its not a plugin just a server.
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    Chiise If its "a server" then why are you making this a plugin request? Also, tell us when you want this bye, and put it in format.
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    timtower Administrator Moderator

    Some servers run on plugins? Like Survivalgames servers use the survivalgames plugins?
    And he already has the commands etc, and when? When somebody has the time to make it
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    timtower When I ment by server, I ment custome everything. It seems like a complete clash of clans server, that would be the only one of its kind. Thanks for giving me a history lession on plugins. Oh wait, I know how to make them. xD
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    timtower Administrator Moderator

    Didn't get that part in the first post then XD
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    timtower Nevermind. I was just saying, I know what a plugin is. Im not stupid. I code them. Your post kind of sounded like you were telling me what plugins wheree and I was stupid.
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    timtower Administrator Moderator

    Was not meant that way ;)
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    The point is that a plugin like this is possible, but alot of work. for example you have to change the AI of these mobs.... Maybe you should split into multiiple plugins which developers can do more easily
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    Mathias Eklund

    Seems like a developers dream, a big and long lasting project. Why are you guys complaining?
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    timtower Administrator Moderator

    People don't want to spend months on the same thing?
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    Mathias Eklund

    This wont take months.... and why not?
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    timtower Administrator Moderator

    Then not months, but if you take a huge project like this then you can't do other things anymore ( same as you have right now ) But we are getting offtopic so I will leave it with this
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    mrCookieSlime Retired Staff

    I don't know about you but it will never be my dream to have no life and code until I die...
    And basicly whoever would make this plugin: Good luck! Cause this is a really huge plugin and I can't imagine that somebody would make it for free. Also this plugin will definitely need very long and complicated projects which take long aren't very popular for developers, cause they are wasting a lot of their free time for this. So i'd recommend you should look for your own developer who would make plugins for you or learn coding plugins on your own.
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    Well yeah
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    Chiise I just don't think of this plugin as a public one. I think of this as a very large, hard coded plugin ment for a sepcific server.
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    I actually was in the middle of making a clash of clans server (with my own custom plugin). What happened was you had your own world (a small 50x50 floating island) and you can buy buildings (like Build in a box). You can raid other bases and when the raids done the base turns back to normal but the player gains/loses trophies and gets elixir and gold. I could share the plugin but I'd rather not for a while (or at least until I've released the server).
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    Actually I'd rather have:
    Lvl 1: Wood Block
    Lvl 2: Cobblestone
    Lvl 3: Stone
    Lvl 4: Iron Block
    Lvl 5: Gold Block
    Lvl 6: Netherrack (But Make It Harder to break!)
    Lvl 7: Emerald Block (Make it purple)
    Lvl 8: Coal Block w/ Skeleton Skull ontop (Make it harder)
    Lvl 9: Diamond Block
    Lvl 10: Obsidian
    Lvl 11: Bedrock

    Zombie Pigman - Barbarian
    Skeleton - Archer
    Zombie - Goblin
    Giant - Giant
    Creeper - Wall Breaker
    Ghast - Balloon
    Herobrine - Wizard
    Blaze - Healer
    Enderdragon - Dragon
    Wither Skeleton w/ Diamond Armor and Diamond Sword - P.E.E.K.A
    Wither - Minnion
    Spider Jockey - Hog Rider
    Snow Golem w/ Axe - Valkyrie
    Iron Golem - Golem
    Baby Iron Golem - Golemites
    Witch - Witch
    Skeletons w/ Swords - Skeleton
    Large Magma Cube - Lava Hound
    Mini Magma Cube - Lava Pups
    Potion of Swiftness - Lightning Spell
    Potion of Fire Resistance - Healing Spell
    Potion of Strength - Rage Spell
    Potion of Poison - Jump Spell
    Potion of Invisibility - Lightning Spell
    Dispenser Shooting Fireballs - Cannon
    Dispenser Shooting Flaming Coal Blocks - Mortar
    Dispenser (Aiming Up) Shooting Firework Rockets - Air Defense
    Wood Tower w/ Archer ontop - Archer Tower
    Stone Tower w/ Herobrine ontop - Wizard Tower
    TNT - Bomb
    Pressure Plate - Spring Trap
    Red Wool w/ Wood Pole and TNT - Air Bomb
    1 TNT and 2 Chests - Big Bomb
    Black Wool w/ Nether Pole and TNT - Seeking Air Mine
    3 Wood Poles and Dispense at the top (Shoot Beacon Beam) - Hidden Tesla
    2 block high Chest w/ Skeletons coming out w/ Swords - Skeleton Trap
    3x3 Gold Blocks w/ Dispenser in the Middle shooting Arrows - X-Bow
    4 Block High Netherbrick w/ Stair design on the top and the bottom - Inferno Tower
    3x3 Wood Structure with Minecart inside - Gold Mine
    Wood Block, Magenta Glass and Wood Block ontop - Elixir Pump
    3 Block Tall Wood, Pole and iron bar going down and 1x1 hole - Dark Elixir Drill
    3x3 Wood, then 3 layers of 3x3 Magenta Glass - Elixir Storage
    5 layers of 3x3 (Hollow) Cobblestone w/ Gold Block inside - Gold Storage
    3x3 Obsidian, then 3 layers of 3x3 Black Glass - Dark Elixir Storage
    Little House - Builder Hut
    Little Castle - Clan Castle
  20. Chiise I will do this plugin
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    This post was more dead than me without my coffee. Locked.
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