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    This is just a thought of a plugin. Wondering if anyone likes the idea or if they could create it.

    Clash Of Clans
    - /clan start <name>
    - /clan home
    - /clan restart confirm <username>
    - /clan start will start you in a 10 x 10 environment with 1 tree
    - /clan mine
    Mine will reset every 1 hour
    100 x 100 mine
    - /clan join multiplayer
    Randomly tp'ed into someones base. You destroy as many blocks as possible. You do not actually destroy them, only on your screen will they break. You get points for each block destroyed (defined in config). Fences (cobble, netherbrick, wood, ect) will get you no points and will help you defend your base. You can only place a certain amount of fences acording to your rank (permission based, clans.fence.<amount>. When someone gets tp'ed to your base in multiplayer you get tp'ed into a small room that defined with /clans set raided. When the raid is over you will be tp'ed back to your base to continue. Depending on how secured your base was with fences, how ever many points was added to the raiders account was deducted from yours. You can gain money buy selling items from the public mine or by resources you collected from farms, mines, ect from your base. Each time someone gets a certain amount of points defined in the config, they may upgrade their clans base by 1 block on each side. You may have a total of 50 x 50 base. Each base will have glass surrounding it depending on how much they have gained in size. Each time they buy more room, they glass expands on each side by 1. Every clan will be auto generated on a flat land world. You start out on 10 x 10 base surrounded with glass. You type /clan upgrade room and it will auto deduct points from your account defined in the config for how much it will cost for each upgrade defined in the config. If you do not have enough points it will say a msg defined in the config.
    - /clan dj (doublejump)
    - Tnt mines will be placed in the ground 1 block under the walk way and when walked over, will deduct a certain amount of hearts defined in the config but will do no damage to any surrounding blocks.
    - Sponge can be used like force fields and you can not walk witihn 2 blocks all around a sponge. Only donators can place these and will need a permission.
    When you start you will have no town hall. To buy a town hall and upgrade the amount of fence and tnt you can place within your clan, use /clan townhall buy. This will be free. To upgrade townhall you will use /clan townhall upgrade. This will upgrade the amount of tnt and ffence you can place by 2.
    - You can inv someone to your clan using /clan inv <name> and accept using /clan inv accept <name> or /clan inc decline <name>. Once in a clan, you will be listed in a list using /clan top raids. To get to the top you must complete the most amount of successful raids and by doing a successful raid you must get over 100 points in the raid. You can also use /clan top total which will be the top clans who have the most amount of points total.
    - You can view another players clan by using /clan visit <name>. you will not be able to detroy anything but just look around. You will not be visible by any other player while you are there nor can they see you. If you get raided while not on the server, when you join back it will give the name of the clan who raided you and if they were successful or not.
    - You may only do a certain number of raids per day defined in the config or using a permission (clan.raids.amount.<amount>)
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    Very awesome idea. Sorry, I only just started coding Plugins and can't create such complex plugin. But I would like to see someone make this. Would be awesome :)
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    What I was thinking was that the player should tp to a random village with spawn eggs that come from the Barracks. The player uses the spawan eggs that spawn troops.
  4. You know what would be cool, dynamic AI that is coded to ruin the base of an enemy, and you sit there watching from above.

    AI Cannons / Archer towers that aim for the NPC's attacking the village.

    Could have different fences, too.
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