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    What I want: When you type a command like /claim1 you'll get a region of configurable size, it also should be great if it automatically create fences.
    There should be 3 commands for claim the land: /claim1, /claim2 and /claim3, the sizes must be configurable in a config.yml file.
    It would be great if it supports WorldGuard.
    claim1 cost: 100. claim2 400. and claim 3 2000.

    Ideas for commands: - 3 commands for claim the land: /claim1, /claim2 and /claim3
    - a command for adding friends to regions, for example: /raddfriend
    - a command for the region info, for example: /rinfo

    Ideas for permissions: -Only staff member can type the /rinfo command.
    -You can only have a maximum of 5 regions. region.maximum. for OP's region.maximum.bypass
    -/raddfriend can only on your own region. addfriend.region

    When I'd like it by: yesterday
  2. Please format your post. ;)
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    Why dont you use WorldGuard? It really works
  4. Format. You did read the [READ ME FIRST], didn't you? After all, it's labelled [READ ME FIRST].

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