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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by madtomic, Aug 30, 2015.

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    Plugin name: Citizens Subtitles

    Feature request: Using ProtocolLib or Scoreboard to add subtitles to Citizens NPC names.

    Require: compatible or hook into Citizens 2.


    /npc subtitle npcsubtitle

    As well supporting colors/formats. /npc subtitle &3[&6Sub Title&3]

    So it would appear

    [Sub Title]

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    mrCookieSlime Retired Staff

    What exactly do you mean by way of Subtitles, there can be multiple Meanings of this.
    It would be nice if you could include a Screenshot.
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    @mrCookieSlime I'm guessing that right underneath the name, you'd set a subtitle, so it'd look like:


    or something.

    Basically just more customizable text under the NPC's name.
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    Minecraft doesn't support 'subtitles' on NPC names natively.
    (You can a score subtitle: a single global message that appears for everyone but has a unique number per person... but that's probably not what you want)

    You'd probably have to use a hologram plugin to achieve that...

    I think there is no other way besides using hologram. :(

    Anyone know if it can be done in another way. Please post.

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    You could check if the player was looking at another player and/or npc and use Title and Subtitles.


    --Currently just an example.
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    @madtomic You could have a named&invisible armorstand.
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    Maybe the Action Bar could be used, and just use what is in the sub title section, since the name can only be seen.
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    @MisterErwin @oceantheskatr

    Thank you both for the suggestions but those options aren't available on my server.

    Yes, I am still using 1.7.10 because 1.8.x sucks as it has no metadata support and they changed the rules on name visible in 1.8 clients which break a lot of stuff unless you use a hologram for npc.
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