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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Starrk, Jun 23, 2011.

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    You are 2 years late -_- no necro
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    Merlin Keikune Jaybug FatherJohn and I think Gavood? and Kaynan
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    sorry for looking like a n00b, and using an old forum, but how do you change the npc's skin?
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    Here are the skins I've come up with so far:

    Walrus - A walrus in a dress shirt and pants with some shades
    Annie - Resembles Annie from L.O.L (League Of Legends)
    Predator - Arnold Schwarzenegger from Predator
    Azura - A cross-dressed Steve skin
    Miyozaki - An Elvis Presley resembling Asian man
    Angelos - A black robed man with blue eyes
    Corpse - A corpse...
    Satan - Satan...
    Prisoner - A king
    Mew - A female skin with brown hair that's tied back, wearing orange shorts and a white tank top with white sandals
    Edwardo - A blue brick wall skin with red eyes
    Blair - Enderman in a grey suit
    Relic - Guy with brown hair, blue jeans and a red t-shirt with a grey dress coat.
    Jesse - A bald but bearded man/dwarf
    Sakura - A female skin with red hair and a blue night gown, and blue sleeping cap
    Celestia - A guy in a white hoodie with brown hair and blue eyes
    Celenia - A female skin resembling Elf attire
    Remove - An explorer
    Druid - A pig skin
    Draco - A cow in a suit with shades
    Dragon - A red haired hipster (I think)
    Selenite - A nerd
    Duck - A ratchet looking black man
    Orc - Deadpool
    Ore - Honeydew skin
    Old_Peculier - Old Peculier :p
    Skrill - A knight
    Donut - Bomberman skin
    Chicken - Fancy Steve skin
    Mole - Spiderman skin
    Luna - A female skin with short black hair and Adventurous-looking attire
    Primrose - Santa skin
    Silverfish - A guy with a purple beard and brown hair
    Creten - A guy with a Mohawk and a red tank top
    Moonie - A girl-guy with red hair wearing a rainbow necklace and blue and black socks
    Sunnie - A female skin with long brown hair, a white blouse and blue jean shorts along with some headphones
    Flyne - A female skin dressed up in an animal costume made of skins and bone with red wings
    Anastasia - A multi-coloured stripes skin
    Madame_Nubescu - A female skin of a fortune teller
    Guy - A guy with red hair and red clothes...

    That's all I had time to find, but there should be a lot more.
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    stink123456 has a citizen skin!​
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    stink123456 No, it is just because the skin a NPC depends of the name over his head.
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    What do you mean, i know the title refers to the plugin but my skin refers to a real citizen from a city, it occurs to have the same name but as i said my skin does represent a real citizen. It will allways do that so no worries about using it, i use it for my own mmorpg (Heroes of Exorath).

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    Most people probably know this, but if you don't you can do /npc skin <IGN> and that will change the skin without changing the NPC's name.
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    Hey, I'm using the Statues mod and it has the same properties as the Citizens plugin, and I found a person on this list of names (I might have found it by typing back when entering a name) but they had this skin and I accidentally destroyed their statue. Know anyone or know what person on this list I'm talking about? The picture in this link is small, in the top left corner of the page.
    Nevermind. A guy on the Citizens IRC helped me out.
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