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    name: citizen movement

    commands: /Ct rec [name]
    /ct delete [name]
    /ct stop

    notes: this plugin works whit cirizen2.

    it make for the [name] citizen the movement as you move.

    wen you use ct rec it start recording all your moves and wen you come back to the start position it will stop record.

    afther it paste all your moves to the [name] citizen and that citizen start move.

    sorry for my worst english but i'm italian
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    Just to make it clear for everyone:
    He wants a plugin that lets you record the movements you do, and then make an NPC do all the recorded movements.
    For example, you crouch, then jump and then sit. If that's what the recording contains, that's what the NPC should do infinite times, with a command that can stop his weird dance thingie.
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    yea but bot for jumps or other but whit walks. thanks and sorry too.
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