Chest Protection

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by icor1031, Jan 14, 2011.

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    Chest Protection - cannot be blown up, cannot be accessed unless you're the owner.
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    Id like to raise a hand in favor of said request :p
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    There is no inventory API in Bukkit, so Chest Protection is not yet possible. Ask again in a week.
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  5. Add me to the list of individuals who would eventually like to see such a plug-in.

    I also would like the added benefit of, a chest which is assigned to a person, and if you die, your stuff goes into it. If this seems too cheaty, then let admins control what can go in/how much can go in (that's less important than just getting it).

    This is why I quit Everquest and one of the biggest things that made WOW better than EQ, at least, in the beginning; so, I realize it's a game balance issue; but honestly. let's focus on the stuff that makes it fun.
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    i want it!
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    Just thought I would mention now, but.

    With LWC/Chestprotection they is still the bug where, if you place a dirt block under a chest, and till the soil and add seeds, this breaks the chest above it. allowing folks to steal with this method. I would like to see this fixed if this plugin is ported.
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    /signed again
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    Cant wait for it, gl developers ;)
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    chestprotect is mandatory.
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    LWC is now ported:

    That isn't the plugin's fault, it was the underlying mod (hMod). Same with every other glitch (IE magic carpet, etc etc)

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